2 Days After Liberal Governor Declares Connecticut a ‘Sanctuary State’ Illegal Immigrant Does The Unthinkable To 2 Women and a Small Child

As liberals around the country continue to lose their freaking minds and blast President Trump’s immigration policies as “racist,” a disturbing story is surfacing about what one illegal did in the state of Connecticut shortly after sneaking back into our country. The details are so horrifying, that it will make you an instant believer why every single sanctuary city in America needs to be shut down immediately, and their governors prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

After being kicked out of the United States back in 2013, wife beater Oscar Hernandez wasted no time sneaking back in, choosing to illegally make the state of Connecticut his new home. But just two days later, Governor Dannel Malloy declared the entire state Connecticut a “sanctuary state,” fully welcoming Hernandez and thousands of other criminals permanent protection from the law, much to the astonishment of the local community.

Rather than choosing to live peacefully in his new city however, Hernandez wasn’t just satisfied being another law-abiding citizen. Just two days after Connecticut was declared a sanctuary state, Hernandez savagely stabbed his wife to death along with an innocent bystander 14 times, before kidnapping his 6-year-old daughter and leading authorities on a high-speed chase.

Thankfully, authorities finally caught up to Hernandez in Pennsylvania, but only after an interstate Amber Alert was sent out. The 6-year-old girl was found with physical injuries, on top of the psychological trauma she endured from seeing her mother and family friend stabbed to death by her psychotic father.

Governor Dannel Malloy

This is just one small taste of what America will transform into if we continue to allow illegals into our country, many of them who are violent hoodlums. Governor Dannel Malloy not only needs to be prosecuted for failing to uphold the law and protect his citizens, but held criminally liable for protecting this savage animal who then savagely murdered two innocent women.

Share this story and help expose the truth. The mainstream media will continue to bury stories like this, hoping the American people will just blindly go along with their plans to infiltrate us with unvetted and violent criminals.

H/T [US Hearald]