The 2017 Ramadan Death Toll Will Make You Sick But That Is NOT All That Will Disgust You

There is nothing more horrific than a terror attack. We often hear Muslims and liberals defending the so-called “religion of peace” by stating that “other religions commit acts of terror too.” Um…hardly ever, actually. Nowhere will you find that Christians or Buddhist blew up thousands of people simply because they disagree with someone else’s ideology. Islam however…the numbers speak for themselves. The Islamic holiday, Ramadan, which is a Muslim holiday that is touted as “the most peaceful time in a Muslims life,” has incurred close to 600 deaths CAUSED by Muslims IN ONLY THE FIRST WEEK AND A HALF of the month long holiday!

The total death toll in the name of Islam for the year 2017 is almost beyond belief…remember we are only halfway through this year!


See the full List of MUSLIM related terror attacks this 2017 Ramadan HERE

Out of curiosity I dug into the Religion of Peace website and pulled up the last 8 years worth of attacks and death tolls…when added up it truly terrifying…

Staggering right? Well, let’s add all these numbers together and see what we come up with just for a bit of a clarifying picture in case the photos above don’t quite hit home for you yet.

Islamic attacks: 20,702

People Killed: 144,649

Injured: 190,346

That is a total of 334,995 lives that were destroyed. 334,995 families that were torn to shreds. All for what? this is only the last 8 years. The Religion Of Peace website has a running count all the way back to 2001.

With these type of numbers now staring you in the face, please tell me again that Muslims are NOT violent! Tell me that they don’t plan a massive world domination and conversion! You can’t, in fact, tell me that because logic dictates that Islam is a cult of evil that will murder anyone from the elderly to infants and smile while they scream Allah Akbar!

No amount of liberal mental disorder or social pandering will ever change these numbers nor the actual facts that can be found all around us. The twisting of our judicial system, the fraud, and theft of governmental business loans, the constant rise in attacks, it all adds up to a cult taking over nations by the millions and they come in the form of persecuted refugees when the only persecuted foreigners I see are from other religions that DON’T MURDER THE MASSES!

If Muslims really want peace then they would stay in their own countries and FIX their own issues. They don’t migrate for peace. They migrate for domination. If all Muslims ARE NOT all terrorists then why are ALL TERRORISTS MUSLIMS? Show me a truly moderate Muslim and I will show you a Muslim too scared to stand because they know the truth of the evil that will befall them too!

Enough is enough. If people don’t wake up worldwide and fast those numbers will be spiking to hundreds of thousands a year, guaranteed!

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H/T [ The Religion of Peace ]