24 Hours After Trump Promises To Pardon Sheriff Joe, The Sheriff Drops Stunning Bombshell About What Obama Did To Him

Under the Obama Administration the restrictions placed on law-enforcement when it came to illegal immigrants was something of a joke. Obama’s policy left our country wide-open for the lowest of the illegals to traipse right in and do as they pleased which typically included crimes of violence and drug trafficking.

Sheriff Joe, best known for his hard-hitting punishments and his epic tent-city prison was one law-enforcement officer who still believed in his job and the oath he took many years ago.  He had absolutely no issues with saying F*** You to the Obama policy. He often did what needed to be done to target illegal immigrants and get them sent back to where they came from or jail them.

For his efforts and his integrity to actual law, Sheriff Joe was relieved of duty, then charged and convicted for nothing more than doing his actual job. Go figure! But Sheriff Joe has something to say about it all, and I am sure that soon we will be hearing a whole lot more on how his conviction was all part of the “plan.”

According to Fox News Insider :

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network to discuss his misdemeanor conviction for refusing to stop patrols targeting illegal immigrants.

At his big rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night, President Trump hinted that he would issue a pardon, saying that Arpaio is “going to be just fine.”

Arpaio told Cavuto that he appreciates the president’s support, and someday soon he’s going to open up more about his case, which he called a “strictly a political hit.”

“One day I’ll go public and talk about the tremendous abuse of the process,” Arpaio said. “If they can do what they did to me, they can do it to anybody.”

Arpaio, 85, was convicted in 2013 by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of misdemeanor contempt of court for willfully disregarding an Arizona judge’s order in 2011 to stop his anti-immigrant traffic patrols.
He is expected to be sentenced on Oct. 5 and could face up to six months in jail. Due to his age and the fact that he has no convictions, some legal experts have speculated that he will not receive jail time.

“I got two parking tickets in my whole life. Think of that. Two parking tickets, 55 years, joined the Army when the Korean War broke out,” Arpaio said. “Now I’ve got to sit at a defense table as a criminal when I did nothing wrong? Come on.”

Trump will pardon Sheriff Joe and we can all hope, pray, and push to have him reinstated to his former position because that is where this amazing lawman needs to be. Personally, I say give him a position that allows him to set the precedent and the blueprint for how all prisons in this country should be run. I guarantee that crime and illegal immigration would drop drastically if the Sheriff Joe handbook was implemented nation-wide.

Hell, our prison population would drop by the thousands, and our taxes towards prisons would drop as well. It would be like hitting 100 birds with 1 stone! Our country needs a major reset in many areas, and prison reform and illegal immigration are two of the biggest problems.

Either by law or by karma, the Obama Administration will see its just punishment for all the things they did to destroy this country including railroading a damn good officer by pushing for Sheriff Joe’s conviction with their asinine policies. While it may take us many years to come back full from the last eight years, Trump is making a hell of a dent just in the past few months, and it can only get better.

The Democrats and Rhinos need to give up their heinous cause of stonewalling President Trump at every turn and their bogus claims to have him impeached. They are merely doing what they always do–wasting tax-payers’ money. The American people have every legal right to put a stop to that if they would only pay more attention. We employ them, and we say where our taxes go. Remember that! WE employ THEM!

God Bless America, and God bless Sheriff Joe!

H/T [ Fox News Insider ]