24 Hours After London Attack, Pics Of Muslims Around The World Reveal Their True Sentiments

In spite of the most recent terror attack in London, liberals are STILL demanding that we need to be understanding and compassionate towards the religion of death. The snowflakes try to claim that to speak against Islam and the horrible things it stands for like murdering innocents, raping children, and enslaving and torturing women makes us Islamaphobic.

NO!!! It makes us humans concerned with the death and destruction of human beings. It makes us smart enough to see the global take-over of a radical and disgusting ideology that wants one faction of the human race to be the only humans left. Muslims. Sounds a lot like what Hitler tried to do right?

So for the liberals and the morons that are steadily defending Muslims and their actions of terror, and the Muslims that REMAIN SILENT, I took the liberty of digging up some photos that show supposed MODERATE Muslims and how they really feel.

Calls for the brutal death of anyone who speaks against Islam.

European extermination and more brutal death.

World domination.

More domination.

More death by beheading.

The irony of this one specifically is that these Muslims want America out of ‘Muslim lands’ while they literally stand….on American soil.

And again with the world domination.

Um…yeah….because we so often see this headline..”Christian terrorist scream ‘Jesus’ before blowing up a building!” NOT!!

More domination and American hating.


If Europe is cancer….why are they all running to Europe? Oh right….domination!!

No democracy huh? So much for all those Democrats defending them.

This one is my personal favorite. Pay close attention to the middle sign. Aren’t liberals the biggest defenders of Muslims and Islam? Aren’t liberals the ones who are demanding that Muslim refugees be given free reign globally? Well….so much for that two-way relationship, I guess. Kind of like LGBT supporting Islam and then Muslims throwing gay men off of buildings.

I guess that’s how it works though right? Defend something that plans to murder you? I call that natural selection of the moronic and inept. If liberals don’t wake up soon then they will find themselves the victims of the very ones they champion so hard for while those of us that see Islam for what it really is will be doing all we can to keep those insane snowflakes alive because…well….that’s what Americans do. We protect and defend human life.

Liberalism is a mental disease and Islam is the chemical that keeps the disease running rampant. The next time you run into a liberal waxing poetic about the peaceful beauty of Islam feel free to pop this article open and show them exactly what ‘moderate’ Muslims feel about them.

There is nothing more progressive and liberating than an entire nation that still lives in the dark ages and utilizes animalistic forms of outright communism and evil to control its people. Because burying women chest high and stoning them to death under false accusations of made-up crimes is definitely going to help the liberal cause and all.