24 Hours After Vowing To Hire 10,000 Refugees, Starbucks CEO Just Got B*tchslapped With The Worst News Of His Life

The insanity continues as liberals collectively lose their minds over President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban. Instead of these enlightened fools taking a minute to understand what the word “temporary” means, they have decided to go full idiot and call it a Muslim ban. These poor lost souls can’t seem to grasp that this is just to better understand who is coming into the country.

Jumping onto the knee-jerk reaction bandwagon is the ever so liberal company of Starbucks. Yesterday Starbucks brewer of swill, CEO Howard Schultz announced that he would hire 10,000 foreign refugees over the next several years.

However, Shultz seemed to miss one little thing in his help a refugee plan. It is against the law to hire anyone based on national origin. In case Shultz missed that memo, we added it in here so he could look it over.

It is illegal to hire based on nationality

If he Schultz chooses to hire 10,000 refugees based on their national origin, he could soon be completely out of business, as there’s literally millions of people who could then turn around and sue him for discrimination. But that’s just part of his problems.  Now thousands are vowing to boycott, with the stocks of Starbucks tanking overnight. Once word got out that Shultz planned to do this many Americans became outraged, and took to social media to voice their frustrations.

I think Sandy is right on point.

Excellent point Marilynn!

While I am a full advocate for a company making their own decisions this one is way off course. The left in their need to create more drama than a 13-year-old girl has got their panties in a twist over nothing. If they really want to help those in need why are they not helping the thousands of homeless veterans looking for work? They are in a position to help people but they choose to take the politically correct road and create more division and spread misinformation.

While they have the right to say they will hire thousands of refugees, it is also my right to never shop there again. The only way to make a change is for us to be the change we want to see.

I hope you all will join me in boycotting this business and all the others that choose to put dangerous refugees lives over Americans.

H/T [ Conservative Post ]