LOL! Trump BLOWS UP On CNN After They Ask Him 1 Question That Gets Him Royally Pissed

President Donald Trump is not holding anything back when it comes to the media. Trump is beyond sick and tired of the treatment, and he is finally saying his piece. When Trump stepped to the podium he ripped apart the news outlets and it was awesome.

Check out the video below:

Here is some of the exchange that happened when Jim Acosta was taken down. Acosta keeps on trying to interrupt Trump, but you can’t interrupt Trump, and maybe he will remember that for next time.

Jim Acosta tells Pres. Trump: “First off, I want to tell you we don’t hate you, I don’t hate you.”

TRUMP: ‘Okay, well ask Jeff Zucker how he got his job…we do have a lot of people in here, and your ratings aren’t as good as some of the other people who are waiting here.”

 Trump also said in the conference this about Hillary Clinton.

Trump also said, “I mean, think of it. They gave her (Hillary Clinton) the questions. I don’t know a debate or if it’s a town hall, and I feel that it’s inappropriate. If I was Hillary Clinton, I would say ‘I want to turn in CNN for not doing a good job.’”

Trump is just kicking ass and it is awesome to watch. Trump handled this conference with dignity and class which is is a testament to maturity. The mainstream media wants Trump to blow up and lose his cool so they can lambast him, but Trump knows better.

Trump loves this country and the American people that he serves and that is why need to rally around him more than ever. Please share this story and keep President Trump in your prayers.

The liberals and the media will stop at nothing to bring Trump down, and we cannot allow that to happen.

How do you think Trump handled the press conference? Tell us what you think below!

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