After NFL Protests Continue, ‘American Sniper’ Widow Shows Up And Publicly Embarrasses Them ALL

Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle the famous Navy Seal Sniper has not held back in her criticism of National Football League players taking a knee during the national anthem. Ms. Kyle pointed out that these protesting players are promoting divisiveness and anger.

Ms. Kyle wrote on her Facebook page, “You are asking us to abandon what we loved about togetherness and make choices of division. You, dear NFL, have taken that. You have lost me here.” Ms. Kyle, along with many other American patriots have formed a coalition of voices against what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the team owners, and these protesting players are doing.

Players who are taking a knee say it is not being done to disrespect the American flag or the national anthem, but rather a protest to highlight police brutality against African-Americans, President Trump’s most recent comments referring to protesting NFL players as SOB’s.

Ms. Kyle wrote a letter to the National Football League in which she detailed how the sport and the league had unified people from various backgrounds. She highlighted how the NFL is a consortium of people from all walks of life with different experiences and views on life in general.


Ms. Kyle’s letter stated,

“Did it ever occur to you that you and we were already a mix of backgrounds, races and religions? We were already living the dream you want, right in front of you.

Your desire to focus on division and anger has shattered what many people loved most about the sport. Football was really a metaphor for our ideal world –different backgrounds, talents, political beliefs and histories as one big team with one big goal — to do well, to win, TOGETHER.

You are asking us to abandon what we loved about togetherness and make choices of division. Will we stand with you? Will we stand with our flag? What does it mean? What does it mean if we buy a ticket or NFL gear? What does it mean if we don’t? It is the polar opposite of the easy togetherness we once loved in football.

You have a lot of strong guys. I am sure in the off season a lot of them could build some pretty big bridges if they care enough to do the hard work. That would involve getting off their knees and getting to work though. I can do it while I raise two kids as their only parent and work through the greatest pain of my life. Let’s see if they can do it for the issues they say they care so much about.”

Despite the NFL suffering severe financial consequences due to this “kneeling,” (which includes an 11% decrease in ratings through week 3 of the season, and a recent report of a 17.9% decrease in ticket sales), commissioner Roger Goodell has remained silent, allowing the NFL Players Union and the players themselves to run the league straight into the ground.

The NFL has also lost sponsorship deals as fans are boycotting the NFL, and there is an initiative going around on social media calling for a mass exodus of fans from the NFL on Veterans Day.

Though it seems that most teams will be standing for the national anthem, there is still the issue of racist behavior being displayed on the field. Many players, including Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers have openly displayed the Black Power symbol with no outrage from the left or NFL officials. However, if a player were to carry on the field a Confederate Flag, the world would stop turning and liberals’ heads would explode.

All this political grand standing has only caused the NFL more negative issues prompting fans to leave in droves and find entertainment elsewhere. These players say they are protesting social injustice and police brutality, but where have they been all these years as hundreds of black teens have been murdered at the hands of other black teens on the streets of Chicago? Are they implying it is okay for one black teen to kill another, and it is only an injustice when a white person kills a black person? The only thing these players have succeeded at is destroying an American institution.

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