ALERT: If You Have This Popular Ranch Dressing In Your Fridge Throw It Away IMMEDIATELY

The American food industry has been lacking in reliability in recent years. Maybe the reason why is because we have gotten away from good old-fashioned human production and instead completely rely on machinery. Or, maybe it’s because the food we eat is not exactly fresh but instead made of dangerous chemicals that put everyone’s health at risk. Whatever the case may be, there always seems to be a recall taking place every week now.

We should not be so wary of the foods we eat and should be able to rely on food companies to provide us with a safe product. I don’t know about you, but I have been much more cautious of the food products I associate with. Honestly, it has gotten to the point where the only safe way of consuming products is to make it from scratch with organic ingredients.

The issue this time comes from Litehouse Inc. who has issued a recall on the ever popular Ranch dressing.

According to Breaking 911:

Litehouse Inc. is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of its OPA by Litehouse Ranch because it may contain undeclared eggs. The Food and Drug Administration has been made aware of this recall which is limited to one production day from a single manufacturing location.

Litehouse took this action proactively because people who are sensitive or have allergies to egg could be at risk of an adverse reaction if they consume this product. No reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of this product have been reported. Anyone concerned about a reaction should contact a healthcare provider.

In total, 742 cases of 11 oz. glass bottles were distributed to retailers and locations nationwide. The ‘Best Used By’ date can be found on the top of the bottle, labeled: Best by Oct.24.17. With the lot code of 13948 6/11fl LH/OPA RANCH. No other code dates of this product or any other Litehouse products are involved in this recall.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that product containing egg was distributed in packaging that did not reveal the presence of eggs. Subsequent investigation indicates the problem was caused by a packaging error. All affected distributors and retail customers, as well as the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), are being notified and the affected product is being removed from store shelves. Consumers who have purchased are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Litehouse customer service at 1-800.669.3169 or

Now, this is not the first time there was a recall on favorite food items. Just recently we here at Political Mayhem reported on the dangers of America’s favorite ketchup. Heinz Ketchup was tested recently and it was found not to be all that it was touted as.

Here is more from Political Mayhem:

Did you know Heinz Ketchup has been banned in Israel for not containing enough tomatoes in their product? It’s true, and what is even scarier is that these same products are plastered all over American grocery stores and restaurants. No wonder our cancer rate has skyrocketed.

These major food corporations are poisoning consumers every day and we continue to turn a blind eye to the dangers of these GMO products. Luckily these sentiments have been changing with the rise of organic supermarkets. It may be a bit more pricey but your health is worth the price.

According to TOP SECRET I.D.:

Labels of products list their contents, from most to least, according to their percentage included in the package. Therefore, ketchup contains red ripe tomato concentrate which makes the most of it, and then, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, onion powder, natural flavor etc.

Now, let us review the ingredients of Heinz ketchup which is one of the most popular ketchup brands, and is commonly used in restaurants, in our homes, in numerous countries in the world.

Tomato Concentrate

Distilled Vinegar

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup

Onion Powder, Salt, Spice, Natural Flavor etc.

At first sight, you may not notice, but manufacturers have listed the same ingredient twice, just labeling them differently. This is not innocent as you may regard it.

Namely, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup are the same condiments, but they are making a trick with the aim to make you think that their ketchup contains more ingredients that it actually does.

There are two reasons for this. Initially, they divide this ingredient in two in order to lead you into thinking that corn syrup is healthier than high fructose corn syrup.

They want to persuade you that there is a difference between these two, where there is actually none. Moreover, they want to hide the fact that the higher the ingredient is on the list, the more it is included int he product. Hence, if you eliminate the ‘corn syrup’ from the list, it would look like this:

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Tomato Concentrate

Distilled Vinegar

Salt, Spices etc.

In this way, customers will be aware that instead of ketchup, they are buying a product which is based on GMO corn syrup. So, manufacturers are struggling t deceive consumers in order to sell their product. And this is just the beginning.

Moreover, you need to be aware of its second ingredient, vinegar, comes from genetically modified corn. Hence, we have three corn- based ingredients already in our favorite ketchup!

Read more on this article HERE.


It’s time to make these companies more accountable for their products. If they are not careful, the public will write them off their lists once and for all. This is getting ridiculous, and we will not stand for the ridiculous number of recalls we have been facing. Get your act together, please!


H/T [ Breaking 911 ]


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