ALERT: Muslim Refugees Being Dumped Into America By The Masses…Here’s The States They’re Going To

The number of refugees coming into the US is still on the rise since the reported 38,111 as of last Wednesday for Fiscal Year 2017.

We all know that it takes time to have certain things overturned from one President to another, but while we are focusing on many foreign affair issues and other homeland issues such as crimes and attacks we are missing the bugs crawling through the cracks.

We need to ask why the big jump in refugee admissions in just the last two days? Trump really needs to hurry with his choice of an Asst. Sec. to oversee the refugee program!

Todays data at Wrapsnet implies that another 342 refugees just arrived in the US in the last 48 hours. Putting our numbers at 38,453!  Wrapsnet is a site where you can track how many refugees are coming to the US and where they’re going, and the data is staggering!

Now the question that remains to be answered is if the US Department of State had been preparing for a 120-day pause to begin on March 16th as stated, then how is it that this large number of refugees was already ready to board planes?

The top five nationalities and their beliefs will shock you. Among the 342 newly arrived are as follows: Syria (55 and 51 of those were Muslims) Somalia (50 and all are Muslims) Burma (44 and a surprisingly high number of those—17—are Muslims) Iraq (41 and 32 are Muslims) Ukraine (32 and zero Muslims)

The top five states receiving Syrians over the last two days are: Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho and Ohio. The top five states receiving Somalis since Wednesday are: Massachusetts, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, and New York.

Syrians and Somalis are the main nationalities that we hear reports from of atrocious activities against American citizens, especially Christians and it is a huge concern to learn that they are STILL being ushered in!!!

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H/T [ Refugee Resettlement Watch ]