ALERT: What American CHILDREN’S Organization This Muslim Group Took Over Will Keep You Up At Night

A huge controversy is running rampant on the internet and on news stations concerning the purchase of a former youth center in Pennsylvania. The property was bid on and won by a man named Asif Kunwar under his business name “Hira Educational Services.” It is evident that these big abandoned properties are purchased to be used as “training camps” in America.  This in itself is concerning, but it is also disturbing to discover the seemingly non-existent information found for the organization called HIRA.

Asif Kunwar. Owner of Hira Educational Services and apparently the ONLY employee as well.

This purchase is even more worrisome when an internet search shows that Kunwar seems to be the ONLY employee listed with this business.

These three photos show that the company is only employing one person at two different addresses. The monetary value annually is nowhere near what would be needed to pull off a $400,000 pay-off, and the last photo indicates that the “organization” is at least partially funded by the government or general public. Someone should be asking this man more than they did when the bid was accepted with absolutely no proof of ability to pay. The agreed upon amount seems to be quite an issue after the fact as reported by WFMJ when they did a story covering supposed death threats against Kunwar.

The HIRA website is lacking in any true information yet is compatible with donations. I would say that one would have to be fully aware of what the donations were for to simply go to an empty website and give away money. I get a suspicious feeling of fraud from all of this.


According to The Angry Patriot Movement :

The Muslim world is taking full advantage of Western leaders’ incompetence. The best friends of the terrorists are the hapless Leftists who protect terrorists in the name of political correctness.

They’re consolidating their power here in the US–right under our noses! The Daily Caller reported that a Muslim company in Pennsylvania has taken over a former Youth Development Center without disclosing what they want to do with it. Disturbing!

Shenango Township, Pennsylvania, recently put their Youth Development Center (YDF) property up for sale. A Muslim company immediately arrived on the scene to sweep up the property. But what for what purpose?

Hira Educational Services is a New Jersey-based firm devoted to helping Islamic schools acquire funding. Their mission statement reads: “provide the most professional and best consultancy services to Islamic schools throughout North America so that they could secure funds to dispense important services.”

They’re as pro-Muslim as they come. As if Islam didn’t have plenty of support already from the liberal mainstream, this company is out there trying to get them more money so they can keep taking over our society.

The property was valued at $2 million, but the state placed the opening bid at $300,000. Hira met this amount. When a local businessman, Sumner McDaniel, placed a bid of $305,000, Hira raised their bid to $400,000 and won.

They must be well-funded to be able to raise their bid by $95,000 in one fell swoop! So much for being a class of victims! Like everything in the liberal narrative, the tale of Muslims as these poor victims is a total farce!

Hira Educational Services now has full control of the former Youth Development Center property. You would think the state would be interested to know how they plan to use this property. Did they even ask?

The answer is no. State and local officials have no clue about Hira’s plans, according to The Ellwood City Ledger. If it had been a Christian organization making the purchase, the state would be inundating them with questions. Muslims are always given a free pass. This is a dangerous situation for the people of Pittsburgh and the country.

Just think–they can be using the facilities for indoctrinating young people. Brainwashing is how they’ve achieved their agenda so far. Even though Sharia is completely incompatible with our society, liberals have convinced young people that Islam is “cool” and that criticizing Islam–even in the face of terror attacks–is “Islamophobic.”

Why else would they want to purchase this large property that was formerly a Youth Development Center? They’re training their future radicals right in our midst, and our leaders are helping them. This is sick!

Muslim terrorists are forming terror cells in America as we speak. They are aided and abetted by our open-door policy to Muslim refugees. The madness has to stop! If we don’t weed them out today, innocent Americans will pay the price tomorrow.


If the man who placed the bid for a ghost company doesn’t have the funds then how was he approved for the bid to begin with? I do believe that anything bid on at a level such as this has to be  upheld with provable funds in some form or fashion to be granted to the buyer. I would be pushing for this to be looked into hard if I were one of the locals, that’s for sure.

H/T [ The Angry Patriot Movement ]