Here Is Another University Giving  Minorities  Another Ridiculous “Privilege”

Clemson University is introducing a new way to coddle minorities and allow them to show as late as they want because different races have different perceptions of time and reality. It is called “colored people time” and Hillary has been known to poke fun at this concept.

Basically, it is just another way for them to avoid being labeled as racists. What’s worse is that if you are white and speak out on the matter, the professors are encouraged to reprimand that type of attitude.

According to The Blacksphere:

A new faculty training program on “diversity” declares that the expectation of punctuality is racist, and not necessarily a sign of disrespect or nonchalance.

In the training, a fictional scenario features “Alejandro” setting up a meeting between two groups of foreign professors and students. The first arrives 15 minutes early, while the second is 15 minutes late. The late arriving minority is not reprimanded for his blatant disrespect.

Instead, the new normal in wackademia is to be “inclusive” by understanding that time is a culturally fluid concept.

Professors must “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly” because one “cultural perspective regarding time is neither more nor less valid than any other.”

This training essentially grants minorities another privilege – the right to be rude, and ultimately to fail in life.

Bosses expect employees to be on time for work or be fired. In fact, others require punctuality as well, like dentists, loan officers, realtors, airlines, and so on. I’d like to see a black person sue an airline for not holding the plane for them. Almost every type of business transaction requires respect for other people’s time, by keeping scheduled appointments. If time had no consequence, then why do we measure it?

Clemson’s training describes perfectly the bigotry of low expectations. Training like this keeps minorities mired in poverty and government dependence. No sense teaching blacks how to perform in the real world.

The further down the rabbit hole liberals go the more bizarre this world is getting. Democrats have no regard for respect and healthy debate, instead, they make new entitlements based on race while belittling white people. Let’s face it, Democrats have their followers so brainwashed that they will believe whatever their leaders say as absolute truth. If you want to buy into this flawed ideology, classes start at $27,000.


H/T [ The Blacksphere ]