Anti American NFL Commissioner In Major Crap After It’s Discovered What His Protesting Athletes Left In Stadiums Across America


Who would have ever imagined last year when Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the National Anthem that so many athletes would follow in his footsteps. NFL players have the world handed to them on a silver platter, and they still complain about discrimination. Every time a player decides to take a knee, it’s a slap in the face to every American Soldier who has fought, bled, and died for this country. That doesn’t seem to matter to these entitled players since they are more concerned with making ill-informed political stands.

Fortunately, the American people have had enough and are starting to make a stand of their own. Over the last couple of weeks, the NFL has seen a dramatic drop in attendance across the country.

Several weeks ago, Chiefs’ fan Steven King had finally had enough after witnessing his long-time favorite player Marcus Peters sitting on his butt while the National Anthem played. King was so disgusted that he ripped off his jersey right then and there flinging it to the ground. “I had so much respect for him before he did that. He’s a good player and all that, but now you can have that jersey. I don’t care what you do with it. I don’t want it!” he told a Fox television affiliate.

More people are following in King’s footsteps and tuning out. They are tired of watching entitled athletes act like spoiled brats and are choosing to spend their Sundays with no football. People don’t want to see this anti-American junk every time they turn on the television to watch an American sport. NFL officials and players are shocked to see stadiums as empty as they are when they used to be packed to capacity.

The empty seats could spell disaster for the NFL who relies upon ticket sales to continue their operation. NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart recently spoke about the lack of attendance at games saying that they’re currently focusing on the empty seats and that it’s “something we want to address.”

Check out the 49ers’ stadium during the second half kickoff of Thursday night’s game where a large portion of the stands are completely empty.

That is not the only stadium that has suffered from the recent NFL protests. Check out this scene from the Colts and Rams game on September 10.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart on the attendance in LA & SF: “Anytime we have empty seats, that something we want to address.” Focused on sellouts.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had the chance to condemn the protests and gain control of the situation but instead deflected the issue back on the fans. He demanded that the fans be more understanding of the protests. As a result, more stadiums are feeling the impact of his inaction. Outraged fans are sending a clear message that they will take their money elsewhere.

“He drew the line and picked the wrong side when he had the chance to do something to truly unite the country and keep politics out of America’s favorite pastime,” Freedom Daily previously reported.

“The commissioner put the final nail in the coffin for this football season with his acceptance of these protests and refusal to demand respect out of these guys who get paid millions to play a game. Many Americans aren’t afraid to protest as well and will do so by boycotting the NFL,” Freedom Daily concluded.

Downtrend said that this is only the beginning of the immense backlash that the NFL should expect if these nasty protests continue:

“There is going to be an immense backlash coming if enough black players choose to go rogue with some sort of ugly protest, strike or statement that further rubs raw the sores of racial discontent – or more precisely, rubs salt into the already raw sores that exist because of Kaepernick’s recalcitrance and Goodell’s incompetence.”

The NFL better make some changes and they better do it fast if they hope to salvage any of the fans who are left. There is only so much people will take before they make a stand. Without the fans football is nothing, and the players better wake up and remember that. The NFL was started in America, and the players should be thankful for the country that is responsible for their jobs in the first place. If these idiots want to continue to infuse politics into America’s sport, it’s time to give these NFL players the message that this behavior won’t be tolerated.

H/T Freedom Daily