Armed Thug Invades The WRONG Home, Entire Family Teaches Him a BRUTAL Lesson

Many times our 2nd Amendment is something we hold close, but will never have to be tested to the extreme. Then there are those moments that come like a bomb blast that shakes us to our core and allows for only split second decisions on how best to proceed for the safety of ourselves as well as others.

That moment came for one family in the form of a thief in the night. As the would be robber tried to break into the family’s home, warning shots were let loose by the homeowners. Given the option to flee or die the intruder chose the latter which ended exactly how one would expect.

The armed mother, father, and son opened fire and took the intruder out.

The intruder lived less than a mile from the house he tried to rob. A police officer was interviewed and he made sure to cite the Castle Doctrine, which essentially means that even though this burglar did not have a gun of his own, he was still warned to leave. He made his decision. In light of the situation, neighbors of the family have come out to say that they are supportive and wish them the very best.

While the left will probably come out screeching like they do about those big bad guns lets remember that a law-abiding family is alive and well after exercising their God-given rights to defend their home and their lives against a criminal.

I say don’t ban guns let’s ban the criminals instead.

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H/T [ Angry Patriot ]