BAD News For Hillary After Sheriff Clarke Drops Bombshell About Murdered Democrat Staffer

We’ve all seen the massive trail of dead bodies that follow the Clintons around wherever they go. Cross one of the crooked pair, and you’re likely to get “suicided” with a double tap to the back of the head. As Hillary and Bill continue to get away with their dirty deeds, unfortunately for them, Sheriff Joe Clark just dropped a massive bombshell that the mainstream media can no longer ignore.

We’ve all grown to love the politically incorrect sheriff in recent years, as he’s continually exposing corruption in Washington D.C. and was very vocal with calling out Obama’s treasonous antics while in office.  But what many people don’t realize is that the sheriff used to be a former homicide detective with countless grizzly murder investigations under his belt. Now he is convinced that Hillary had DNC staffer Seth Rich savagely murdered last July, right after feeding Wikileaks with some very disturbing dirt on Hillary.

Several weeks later, Wikileaks would release thousands of emails related to Hillary, but Rich at that point was already dead. After leaving his Northwest D.C. neighborhood early Sunday morning on July 10, Rich was savagely shot multiple times before the shooter fled the scene, leaving zero evidence for authorities to solve the murder.

“I admit I do not know all the facts here but as a former homicide detective, was he killed because he knew too much?” Sheriff Clarke said in a Tweet where he attached a link to breaking new info about Rich’s case.

It’s extremely disturbing that the Clintons literally keep getting away with murder, after bodies over 3 decades continue to piling up.  But now that this unsolved case is yet again garnering attention because of Sheriff Clark’s investigation, hopefully some headway can be made in the murder of Seth Rich.

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