The Best Superbowl Ad Didn’t Air Until After The Game…Now We Know The Amazing Reason Why

The Super Bowl was this past Sunday and millions of people gathered around their television sets to watch the historic matchup. One of the highlights of the Super Bowl are the commercials that air during the game. However, one commercial did not air during the Super Bowl and now we know the real reason why, and it will have you in tears.

The ad that was not aired last night was from Hyundai and it featured our military men and women who are deployed overseas. The ad opens up showing our brave men and women watching the Super Bowl, but then shows three people with their own special stories.

Grab the tissues and wait till the very end.

If that does not get you right in the feels I do not know what else would.

According to IJ Review:

The advertisement was made for American soldiers who were unable to be home for the Super Bowl. The minute and a half video captures the true meaning of service members’ sacrifice.

Amazingly, the ad used real moments from the big game, meaning it was capturing and editing footage for the very expensive Super Bowl spot while the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were still battling for the NFL championship.

More importantly, Hyundai made it possible for American soldiers to watch the Super Bowl with the ones they love the most — and that’s better than any multimillion dollar, an action-packed spot could ever deliver.

This video shows the real meaning of sacrifice and I could not be prouder of these real life heroes. These men and women risk their lives for us all to enjoy the simple pleasures of life including watching the Super Bowl. I am so glad to see a company take the time to honor those brave men and women instead, of using their spot to push their own liberal agenda.

Thank you, Hyundai for stepping up and showing the world what really matters.

H/T [ Top Right News ]