BOMBSHELL: Comey CLEARED Hillary Of FBI Probe BEFORE Investigating Her..But It Gets Worse

Once again conservatives’ suspicions have been confirmed! Hillary Clinton and James Comey are more crooked than a Twizzler left in the sun for too long in August! It has been an ongoing battle to get something done with the investigation into the lies, cover-ups, and false accusations against President Trump that were all started by Clinton and Comey during the 2016 elections. The fact is, valid proof has come out that Comey did plan to clear Hillary Clinton of any wrong doing PRIOR to the investigation even happening into her many crimes.

There is now evidence being dug up by investigators that prove that the FBI at least partially paid for the FAKE Russian dossier on Trump. The left can’t excuse this away like they often do with every other piece of actual evidence found concerning anything that makes the left look collectively ignorant.

Liberals, do us all a favor and just shut up, tuck your tails, and go away because we will continue to discredit and disprove every ridiculous thing you have ever tried to use against the right. The ignorance of an entire party and the corruption of intelligence agencies is not as surprising as it is reaffirming for all of us on the right side of this fight. Good luck with your next MSM promoted lib-lie. I guarantee we will blow that one out of the water.

According Hannity :

Former FBI director James Comey began drafting a statement clearing Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing in the bureau’s probe of her mishandling of classified material months before he met with the former Secretary and other key witnesses in the case.

The Senate Judiciary Committee obtained the former FBI chief’s communications as part of its ongoing investigation over whether President Trump obstructed justice when he fired James Comey.

According to the documents, the former director began drafting a statement exonerating Clinton as early as April or May of 2016; months before Comey and other investigators had a chance to interview Hillary herself and other key witnesses.

The FBI decided to officially drop its investigation of Clinton’s private email server on July 5th.

“Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s no way to run an investigation. The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy,” said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley in a letter to the FBI.

The accusations raise serious concerns over whether Clinton and other Obama officials pressured then-FBI Director Comey to close the bureau’s probe into Hillary, just weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

Fox News did a great piece on the situation. Watch:

There you have it. Actual proof that Comey knew and set it up to allow Hillary to walk clear long before any actual investigation was underway. Hillary, Comey, and Lynch, among many of their peons all need to be fully investigated, charged, and then jailed for the crimes against the people as well as crimes against the government that they are guilty of.

Corruption at this level is rampant among Democrats, and a few RINOs in our system and it is well past time that we get these people shut down and placed where they belong which is in GITMO with the rest of the terrorists. Comey is nothing more than a paid jester who was handed too much authority which he was never experienced enough to handle in the first place. He was placed in the position of FBI Director because he could be controlled and bribed to do as Obama and Clinton wanted at any given moment.

Trump will continue to push the investigations into these criminals whether he comes out publicly or not to inform us. There are many wheels in motion thanks to our President being truly for the People and caring about justice.

Keep draining that swamp sir, even if it takes years. One criminal at a time is fine by me as long as they keep being exposed and taken care of. Justice for Benghazi is the priority for me, but if investigations into other things connected have to happen first to connect the links then I fully support ever move being made in that vein.

H/T [ Hannity ]