BOOM: Beginning This Evening Look At How Many States The Republicans Have Taken Over

Is it any surprise that Republicans have taken complete control of 26 states while the Democrats command only 6 states? Anyone who questions how this is possible look no further than Obama’s disastrous time as President. His policies decimated the Democratic Party into becoming a mere shadow of their former selves.  Obama is responsible for losing over 1,000 seats and as stunning as those numbers are, it is even more shocking that there are still people who defend his Presidency. The numbers don’t lie, but then again Liberals live in a fantasy land.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers.

Population of GOP-controlled states: 164,139,104

Population of Dem-controlled states: 50,190,213

Click here for a full-size version of the map below.

Republicans are now comfortably in the driver’s seat, but as great as that news is, we learned today that the Democrat governor of West Virginia is switching to the Republican side of the aisle. It’s like Christmas for Republicans!

According to Young Conservatives: 

Gov. Jim Justice is ready to jump the sinking Democrat ship to become a Republican, according to The New York Times.

Justice won the election only last year, but as a Democrat.

Gov. Jim Justice of West Virginia, a Democrat who was elected last year even as President Trump carried the state by 42 points, is expected to announce Thursday night at a rally with Mr. Trump that he is changing parties, according to three sources familiar with the plans.

President Trump announced  “a very big announcement” in West Virginia on Thursday and it turned out to be that Jim Justice indeed was switching parties. It really shouldn’t have been such a major shock considering during his campaign where Justice spoke much like a Republican.

Mr. Justice, a billionaire coal and real estate magnate, ran as a conservative Democrat and declined to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016. But even as West Virginia has become a reliable Republican state in presidential elections and further down the ballot, a handful of Democrats have still been able to win office.

Mr. Justice, though, is said to have friendly relationships with some members of Mr. Trump’s family. And before entering politics he gave money to officeholders in both parties while variously registering as a Republican, Democrat, and independent.

The New York Times wrote a piece about Jim Justice during the election declaring him an “unusual Democrat fighting a GOP tide.”

As Democrats around the country agonize over their path forward in ever-redder states like this one, Mr. Justice is facing off with Republicans while keeping distance between himself and his party’s tarnished national brand.

“His style may be different,” said Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, a former governor who faces an uphill re-election battle next year.

Mr. Justice, 66, put it this way at his State of the State address in February: “You elected me as your governor, a person that had never been a politician, in the wake of me running as a Democrat, at a time when Donald Trump won our state by 17,000 million percent.”

While many of his policies seemed to lean on the Republican side, there was still a part of him that did not line up with the Republican proposed tax increases which was not something he campaigned about.

Justice claimed West Virginia was “dying 50th” and in the middle of an “18-karat dog’s mess,” Mr. Justice did something unexpected for a man who seemed so similar to Mr. Trump and who had campaigned on not raising taxes: He proposed $450 million in new revenue, mostly through increases in sales and business taxes.

“He did an absolute U-turn,” said Mitch Carmichael, the Republican president of the State Senate, adding: “I think he’s more Republican in his philosophies. Where he has gotten away from that a little bit is his tax-and-spend policies.”

While he may have leaned Democrat on some issues, it appears even that couldn’t stop him from announcing his switch to the Republican side of the aisle. Apparently, he could no longer associate himself with the Democratic “tarnished national brand.”

The truth is that West Virginia has been leaning farther to the right for years now with the far left-leaning Slate saying West Virginia may be a lost cause for the Democrats.

“Historically speaking, West Virginia was reliably cobalt until 2000,” Slate said in 2014. Back then, West Virginia still had a governor and two US Senators from the Democratic Party.

My how the tables have turned.  Now West Virginia only has one Democratic Senator and no longer has a Democrat as Governor. One thing is for sure, the Democrats are in BIG trouble.

H/T Young Conservatives, NY Times