BREAKING: Armed Muslim Who Stormed Church On Easter Sunday Is On His Way To PRISON For What He Just Did!

Right after Easter weekend, we brought you all the disturbing story of a Muslim in  Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who decided to protest Christian speakers at the Worldview Weekend Christian conference who were speaking out against Islam. After being told that he could not come into the church and intimidate church-goers, that’s when things took a startling turn for the worst.  Ehab Jabar then proceeded to go to the church parking lot while recording several Facebook live videos where he brandished several weapons including an 2 AR’s, a long rifle, a 3 pistols, and several magazines of ammunition. He told viewers to “be very f***ing afraid” while showing the camera his arsenal. 

Ehab Jabar

If you’re not familiar with the story, one of the pastors, Brannon Howse who was help organizing the event gave this incredibly disturbing account of what happened after Jabar was turned away from the church:

The Muslim man then proceeded out to his car in the parking lot where he filmed two more Facebook live videos. He was clearly angry and discussed that Shahram and I were promoting books. He seemed very upset with the resources he saw on our resource tables. He then began showing the camera 3 pistols, two assault weapons, and what appeared to be an extended magazine. With the brandishing of each weapon to the camera he said “be afraid” or “be terrified.” In fact, he said “be terrified” twice. Now how is that not a terroristic threat? Please remember, he is in the parking lot of our Christian conference that is being attended by some 500 men, women and children. The attendees included a state representative and a state senator.

After brandishing weapons and threatening to imply he would kill the 500 Christians inside, authorities were called the the scene. But astonishingly, not a damn thing was done to the Muslim man. But now there’s been an update to the story, as it looks like federal agents finally got involved after the outcry and outrage of thousands of pissed off Americans across the country.

In a breaking report on Saturday, it was announced that Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber will be charged with terrorism. The Capital Journal reported:

State Attorney General Marty Jackley said Friday that a man who was asked to leave a Sioux Falls event on April 9 that critiqued Islam is facing a felony charge after he live-streamed video of himself on the internet brandishing weapons and making threats to the public.

Finally it looks like authorities are applying a little bit of common sense to the disturbing incident. Better late than never. But what’s disturbing is that the mainstream media is still ignoring this story. Could you imagine the backlash if Christians were brandishing weapons in the parking lot of a mosque while making terroristic threats towards Muslims? It would be all that CNN and MSNBC talked about for weeks!