BREAKING: BILL AND HILLARY About To Be Investigated! Here’s What Trump Just Blasted Out Over Twitter!

For months, the left has been peddling the ridiculous lie that Trump has Russian connections. It makes you wonder though what they are trying to hide, right? Well, we might not have to wonder much longer since Trump has called for an investigation into Bill and Hillary Clinton. Oh, you know that is driving the left crazy. We all know that the Clinton’s are dirty, but they may have finally met their match.

Late last night, Donald Trump questioned why the Clinton’s are not under investigation from the House Intelligence Committee.

Trump also said, “Russian speech money to Bill, the Hillary Russian ‘reset,’ praise of Russia by Hillary, or Podesta Russian Company,” as possible further areas of inquiry.

According to USA Today:

The charges stem from Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” as well as an April, 2015 New York Times article. The Times reported the Russians directed $2.35 million — it should be noted the Clintons failed to disclose this windfall — to the Clinton Foundation at a time when the Russian atomic energy agency was seeking approval for a deal to buy a company that controlled one-fifth of America’s uranium production capacity.

This will be interesting needless to say. The Clinton’s are definitely up to no good and I do believe we will have answers soon. If you think about it this is why the left is trying so hard to discredit Trump. They know that once he starts this investigation all their dirty secrets will be revealed to the world. They are trying desperately to control the narrative, but it is spinning out of control.

We need to demand that this investigation is done. The American deserve answers and the Clinton’s deserve to be behind bars.

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