BREAKING: Death Toll From ‘Mother of all bombs’ Just In..ISIS Is Devastated!

Reports are coming in from journalists on the ground and while there is no official casualty statement coming in from the Department of Defense the reporters on the ground are currently saying that as many as 30+ ISIS insurgents were decimated in the blast from the MOAB dropped earlier on Thursday.

According to USA Today:

Afghanistan officials say the U.S. attack on a tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan with the largest non-nuclear weapon ever used in combat by the U.S. military has left 36 Islamic State group fighters dead.

There were no civilian casualties, according to the Ministry of Defense statement, which also said that several IS caves and ammunition caches were destroyed.

Hakim Khan, 50, a resident of Achin district where the attack took place, welcomed the attack on ISIS, saying: “I want 100 times more bombings on this group.”

The bomb, known officially as a GBU-43B, or massive ordnance air blast weapon, unleashes 11 tons of explosives.

IF this initial casualty estimate is correct then this would be one of the most effective military strikes against ISIS yet, and it is about time.

There is truly no better feeling in the chaotic world we currently live in than to hear that one of the most disgusting and vile terror groups to ever walk the planet was just dealt a blow that will rock their world for years to come and make it to where they will not soon forget that when the United States has a REAL leader we will do what needs to be done to end their foolish and violent reign.

God Bless America and God Bless President Trump….

H/T [ USA Today ]