BREAKING: Did Obama JUST ADMIT That He Spied On Trump With Accidental Admission In Tweet?

Old social media posts have a way of coming back around to bite us in the rear , and no one knows this better than the Democrats. Many cases have popped up in the last two years that outlined Democrats spewing hypocritical vitriol in years gone by while they are currently trying to show a unified force against all things American.

The best part is that nothing disappears from the internet, so even if they try to delete past accounts we are able to find their caches. Obama himself left a key tweet that spoke far more than he would have ever realized in the future. In 2013 Obama tweeted “I spy,” and now that it was found there are many people slamming him for his veiled admittance of secretive info gathering.

While it may not be what he meant to do, people like James Woods have retweeted it with epic captions that show how even two simple words can haunt you for the rest of your life. Others jumped on the train to use this opportunity to showcase that this may be more than a simple cutesy tweet but more of Obama saying that he has in fact used illegal spying techniques such as wiretapping on people.

The fact that it has recently been proven many times that illegal wiretapping and internet spying on not only the American people but President Trump as well, has actually been happening for many years is just icing on the cake for us. The Democrats are not above public reproach, and we will not let them forget things they have stated in the past that lead to proof of the ignorance they spew today.

According to Chicks on the Right :

Back in 2013, Barack thought this tweet would be cute…

Um, really dude? That’s what you went with?


The responses to this tweet were pretty spot on in 2013, too.

Ohhhh Barry! Self awareness has ALWAYS eluded you!

Barry really should get an award for most epic twitter fail. I spy….with my little eye…a man that has absolutely no integrity, morals, or patriotism. Honesty and values are lost on Obama in abundance. He wouldn’t know the definition of any of it if we tattooed it along his forearms! Lie after lie from the former President has left all of us with a foul taste in our mouths for the fact that he had his evil hand firmly wrapped around America for not just one but two terms!

He really needs to be stopped from causing any more damage than he has already done. Obama continues to try and influence the way the country is headed in any way he can, and many of his actions are bordering on outright treason. He currently stands on a very slippery slope. Hopefully, he will take one wrong step and tumble headfirst into GITMO some day soon!

There really is nothing more disgusting than someone who hates the very foundation a country is built on being in any position of power or influence. It is the epitome of insanity. Obama never had any intention to bring our country to any form of success. He destroyed our economy, our employment rate, our progress on a societal platform, and then he paid and armed those that want us dead, and the whole time tried to convince us it was all for the best.

Sadly there were those who wanted change so badly they fell for his forked tongue speeches and anti-American antics. We should have shut him down long ago but complacency and fear of repercussions kept most people silent.  We are not going to be silent ever again. No one will extinguish our fire and passion to actually fix our country and bring it back to a state of glory and humanity

Throw all the irate hate groups at us that you can, continue sticking your nose in things that no longer concern you, but Mr. Obama, the American people are on to you and we will do everything in our power to stop you from doing any more damage to this great nation. There is nothing stronger than a Patriotic American, and if you keep pushing you may just find out how big we truly are.


H/T [ Chicks on the Right ]