BREAKING: Ivanka Has Just Been Hit With SICK Lawsuit, Here’s The Disgusting Accusation Liberals Are Making

Ever since Trump became president, liberals have been obsessed with attacking Ivanka and bringing her down. But despite liberals’ barrage of nasty childish attacks with many leftist retailers pulling Ivanka’s clothing line from their stores, she’s still kicked ass in recent months, with her sales hitting record numbers. Well now Ivanka is feeling the wrath of liberals yet again, and in a startling move proving just how bitter and butthurt liberals truly are over Ivanka’s continued success in life, are filing a ridiculous lawsuit as last-ditch effort to take her down.

Absolutely furious that despite all their antics to ruin Ivanka that she’s still hitting record sales with her clothing line, these morons are now filing a lawsuit against Ivanka, claiming that her business has an “unfair advantage” because she’s the First Daughter. The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco’s Superior Court on Thursday, with liberals around the country immediately drooling over the news, stating that Ivanka’s success in life is only because she is the “daughter of a fraudulent businessman.” 

“It makes perfect sense,” one liberal whined. “As the daughter of the president of the U.S., Ivanka already has a greater advantage to advertise her products, not to mention her father being a seemingly fraudulent businessman can probably pull some strings for her too. She has an unfair advantage in the shopping industry without a doubt.”

Here’s what the ridiculous lawsuit:

1. This is an action for unfair competition by a San Francisco clothing and accessories business in California that directly competes with defendant IVANKA TRUMP MARKS, LLC, in the sale of women’s clothing and accessories. Plaintiff seeks a court order forbidding defendant IVANKA TRUMP MARKS, LLC, and DOES 1 through 50 from continuing to compete unfairly with plaintiff in the woman’s clothing and accessories business in California.

If liberals spent half the amount of time trying to better themselves as they spent bitching and being jealous about others’ success, they’d be much happier successful people. But liberals will always be professional victims, eager to blame others’ success for the reason they genuinely suck at life.

Bring it on, haters. Filing a lawsuit against Ivanka will only make her even more wildly popular. Look what happened when you boycotted her clothing line…her sales sky rocketed overnight!

H/T [Bipartisan Report]