BREAKING: James Comey Finally Breaks His Silence, And Makes A Stunning Admission

Liberals, what a bunch of idiots, and hypocrites they are. By now everyone has heard the news that FBI director James Comey recently got the boot by President Trump, but what makes this incident so entertaining is watching the liberal media attempt to spin this and make it something much bigger than it really is.

They have even been floating around the word “impeachment” and saying that President Trump fired Comey for the Russian investigation. The fact of the matter is that  James Comey was an incompetent leader and needed to be removed from his position, for the good of all Americans.

While the media and entertainment industry are blowing this way out of proportion, James Comey released a classy statement that should make everyone shut up.

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

“I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all,” said Comey in his resignation letter, released last night. (via NewsMax)

In his letter, Comey urged his fellows at the FBI to continue to uphold the American constitution and to continue to make our country safer.

While it’s nice to see that Comey is taking his recent unemployment status in stride, at least publicly, this doesn’t change the absolute mockery he made of the FBI during his tenure. The next FBI director will have a lot of work to do to restore integrity to the department.

Why? Because Trump’s firing of Comey was not “without reason.” Comey has had NUMEROUS missteps over the past year alone.

Comey worked hard at the FBI, but his hard work was extremely misguided, to say the least. By the end of his career as FBI Director, he solidified himself in history as one of the bureau’s most crooked members.

Indeed, Comey’s “hard work” had everything to do with letting criminals — namely Hillary Clinton — get away with their crimes, and hardly anything to do with upholding justice. Not exactly a legacy to be proud of.

Comey went so far to protect Crooked Hillary that he never even ASKED to see the hacked DNC servers. At best, he was completely incompetent; and, at worst, he was just as much of a criminal as those he had sworn to protect us against. (via The Angry Patriot).

In fact, shortly before his resignation, Comey admitted that, out of 3,000 open cases under his watch, over 200 of them involved refugees. (via The Angry Patriot) Once again, President Trump was RIGHT — and yet, what did Comey do about it? Absolutely nothing.

Comey’s lax stance on crime might have worked in the Obama era, but we’re a new country now, with a new administration. He was old blood, and he had to be cleansed. We cannot afford to have an FBI director who’s as corrupt as the thugs he’s supposed to be hunting down.

Of course, the liberals are up in arms about Trump’s decision to fire Comey. Which is ironic considering they themselves had called for Comey’s resignation back when they thought he was after their precious Hillary Clinton.

We’re hoping that Comey’s official letter of resignation will put at least some of these protests to rest. Comey acted dignified, for once in his life, and, for that, we give him a small nod of respect. Now, it’s time for us, as a country, to move on and find someone new. Trey Gowdy perhaps…?

Comey may be taking his recent termination in stride, Democrats are most definitely not following his lead. What do you think of James Comey’s resignation letter?

Do you think this is a step in the right direction for the FBI? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

H/T Angry Patriot Movement