BREAKING: John McCain Found With DAMNING Items On His Laptop That Ties Him To HUGE Russian Money Scandal

The biggest traitor in Washington D.C. might be none other than John McCain. While making it his personal mission to destroy President Trump, this clown is constantly spearheading attacks against our president, while frequently spewing the leftist talking points that Trump and the Russians worked together to steal the election from Hillary. But as McCain continues to be blinded by his childish jealousy and hatred for Trump, what was just found on his computer is so sick, it will not only end his political career, but will destroy his reputation in D.C. forever.

Ever since Trump won the election, McCain has been leading a vicious campaign not only against our president, but against the Russian government suggesting that their “hacking” of the election was an “act of war.” Also remember this traitor was behind the fake Russian hooker story, producing the bogus dossier that claimed Trump hired prostitutes to pee on Obama’s bed. While McCain continues to lead the hysteria of Trump’s intimate ties with the Russians, GUESS WHAT WAS JUST FOUND ON HIS FREAKING COMPUTER?!

Thanks to WikiLeaks, we just learned that Mr. anti-Russia himself was BEGGING the Russians back in 2008 for DONATIONS to HIS presidential campaign! Following the sudden death of Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin several days ago, Wikileaks decided to drop the bombshell about McCain, proving once and for all who is TRULY the one sucking up with a buddy-buddy relationship with the Russians.  Check out the letter below where McCain was practically on his hands and knees begging Putin’s main guy Vitaly Churkin for money:

Right after McCain sent his letter to the Russians asking for cash, they responded back, stating they do not finance political activity in foreign countries.

Unfreaking believable! Can you believe this guy?! While he continues to lead the disgusting smear campaign against our president and pushing the leftist propaganda that Trump is literally in bed with the Russians (both politicians and hookers) HE is actually the one (according to his own definition) guilty of treason! Share this story everywhere! We need to expose who this guy really is! This is sick!

H/T [Gateway Pundit]