BREAKING: Major Arrest Rocks Dems..Look Who Was Just Taken Out In Handcuffs!

Welfare fraud is a major problem in our country and it is one of the main reasons President Trump won the election. During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to put weed out those who took advantage of the system and make the necessary change to put more money in the average American taxpayers pocket. As much as Democrats say that fraud is not a major problem, there is plenty of proof to the contrary. Recent news reports are another indication that fraud is very much in practice today and this one is by far the most expensive.

We’ve heard this type of story before, and it follows the same pattern almost every time. a couple of guys decide to set up a welfare scam afterlife doesn’t quite pan out the way they had hoped. They hide it behind a legitimate business and are finally caught only after siphoning off several million dollars from American taxpayers. Most of the time they keep it, but sometimes the money ends up in the hands of America’s enemies.

Well, this story is no different, except for one thing – he didn’t need a few more guys to steal millions from American taxpayers. He managed to do it all on his own to the tune, mind you, of at least $3.7 million dollars.

Whatever else you may say about him, Mohammad Shafiq definitely knew exactly what he was doing.

According to Breitbart:

A Baltimore man was sentenced to four years behind bars for illegally trafficking food stamps.

U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Mohammad Shafiq, 51, to four years in prison and three years of supervised release after his sentence ends, in addition to making him pay $3.7 million in restitution, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Shafiq was the latest defendant to be sentenced in a series of prosecutions of 14 retailers in the Baltimore area.

A federal grand jury indicted the retailers in August 2016 for food stamp and wire fraud.

The 14 retailers stole a total of $16 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture by illegally exchanging food stamps for cash, according to the indictment.

Twelve out the 14 defendants pleaded guilty, and two were sentenced this week, according to the Sun.

Multiple stores across the country have been cited for millions of dollars in food stamp fraud.

Investigators found more than $20 million worth of food stamp fraud at retailers in Florida, and 140 stores in Chicago were cited for food stamp fraud.

The scam is pretty simple. Since food stamps can be used to purchase food, they’re still actually worth something to retailers. Scammers like Shafiq can line their shelves with food stamps and those losers on food stamps who would rather have cash for drugs or alcohol can exchange the stamps for cash. You don’t get full value, but in the end, it ends up being just enough for those drugs so who cares. It ends up being a win-win situation for both parties and we all know who really loses out here… you guessed it, the taxpayer.

This is the natural progression of these liberal social programs. It just encourages more crime and then once again the taxpayer pays for these criminals “accommodations”. The Left must be pretty darn proud of itself right now. Thankfully, we have a President who is trying to make this problem disappear.

H/T Breitbart