BREAKING PROOF: Left SELECTIVELY EDITED Milo’s Video To Make Him Sound Like He Supports Pedophilia!

This week started out badly for Milo Yiannopolous, and it has not gotten any better. On Sunday, a video was released that seemed to depict the controversial speaker as being a supporter of pedophilia. Of course, the media jumped on this juicy tabloid story as a way to marginalize the popular speaker. At first glance, this seemed to be a clear attack from the left, but after a bit of digging it revealed so much more.

It appears that the tape released on Sunday was done by a website that has #NeverTrump connections. The site called the Reagan Battalion seemed to have a bone to pick with Milo, and instead of focusing on the issues need to destroy him. The video allegedly catches Yiannopolous promoting sex with 13 year-olds. Shortly, after this video was released Milo received devastating news. First, it was CPAC canceling his speech, then Simon & Schuster canceled his book, and lastly he resigned from his editor-and-chief position at Breitbart.

Of course, Yiannopolous denies the accusations being flung at him and even released a public statement on Facebook, and held a press conference.

But, sadly the damage was done. The Reagan Battalion group then took the opportunity to gloat that they had helped bring Milo down.

After a bit of digging into this group, some red flags definitely emerged. The group has a Facebook page and if you click on the about tab you get this:

After you dig a little more into that you discover that this Stop Donald Trump Pac was founded by a group of Never Trumpers. Oh, but dig deeper my friends. If you follow the trail just a bit further you will find that the Reagan Battalion is linked to #NeverTrump candidate Evan McMulin.

So we made the connection to the #NeverTrump “principled conservatives”, but could there possibly be more? Oh, yes there is much more.

On a 4Chan group, one user posted that the far left had a scorched earth plan to take Milo out.

Via 4Chan:

The journalists are pissed the fuck off Maher put him on the air and more so, pissed off his book deal had not been revoked (and some are pissed that Milo got a book deal from the same publisher who dropped Zoe Quinn’s book, along with a larger signing bonus than most of the publisher’s social justice authors).

There are also those who want to hurt him simply as a proxy to hurt Steve Bannon/Breitbart. since their attempts to attack Bannon have largely failed. Not to mention people on the left being pissed off that most people sided with Milo over the rioters. Rioters, that were paid for by Soros through a variety of fronts and laundered through companies that can’t be traced back to him.

Expect a steady drumbeat of “Milo is a pedophile” and “Milo must be dropped from CPAC”. The later is especially important, in terms of the divide and conquer long game the press is playing: the press wants a civil war with the McCain/Graham wing of the GOP and the Trump/Ryan wing so as to weaken the Republicans in 2018. The overall plan is to make the Republicans fear social shaming from the media and the left more than they do their actual constituents who love Trump, in hopes of regaining the House and enough Senate seats to pull off an impeachment of Trump.

So, there you go folks! However, what is the most disturbing about this all is the allegation that #NeverTrumpers helped finance the takedown of Milo.

These are the tactics one would expect from the left, but from people who are supposedly on our side? Treasonous. Milo is a strong man and I do not doubt he will land on his feet after all is said and done. But, for the record, I will stand with Milo I find his voice to be refreshing and him to be an incredible ally against the enemy we fight. Do you agree?

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