BREAKING PROOF That Obama’s COUP To Overthrow Trump Is Happening RIGHT NOW

Following a week of complete chaos for the Trump Administration, disturbing bombshell evidence has just been revealed by attorney Jay Sekulow that proves that during Obama’s last days in the White House, he set up a coup through executive orders to overthrow President Trump. This information was obtained while Sekulow was investigating the scandal with Michael Flynn. But then in the process of trying to get to the bottom of the Flynn scandal, he unearthed something massive proves that there’s a coup going down at this very moment all being controlled by Barrack Hussein Obama.

Immediately after Trump defeated Hillary during the presidential election, Obama and his team of snakes immediately put their evil plans motion to undermine and eventually overthrow our new president. This was all done in a very secretive way, through an executive order that Obama slipped in just 17 days before leaving the White House. Now Jay Sekulow is revealing the smoking gun proving that Obama set up plans for his minions within the intelligence community to target the president through this massively malicious executive order that has just come to light.

Before Obama set this executive order into motion, the only people who could investigate and access top secret intelligence was  the National Security Agency (NSA). But now through this order that Obama put into motion, he gave 16 additional intelligence agencies special access to Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), including the power to intercept and record phone calls. Now in addition to the NSA, these other 16 agencies have the full power to do pretty much whatever the hell they want, able to listen at any time to Trump’s officials, including the very president himself. And this is exactly how they took out Michael Flynn, which is a complete act of espionage.

“The new rules were issued under section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333 after approval by two Obama Administration officials: Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Director of National Intelligence Director, James Clapper.” the ACLJ reported.

Not only are these agencies now able to leak whatever they want to the press, they also have the ability to blackmail Trump if they choose to, which is an absolute crime. Watch  Sekulow explain the exactly what is at stake with the bombshell that he has uncovered:

Sekulow goes on to explain how Obama’s shadow government is now in full swing, and will continue unless President Trump does something to restrict their access by reversing Obama’s executive order. It’s essentially a “soft coup” against our president, and it is extremely urgent that the Trump weeds out these leftover officials before they can leak anything else to the media about what goes on in the highest factions of our government.

After a week of chaos and questioning just how these leaks involving Michael Flynn were happening, we finally have the smoking gun that proves that Obama is intentionally trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency. Hopefully these Obama officials who are committing espionage and attempting a soft coup against our president will be ousted immediately and brought to justice. This is absolutely sick!

H/T [Conservative Treehouse]