Breaking Reports Of Gunman Outside Hospital Where Manchester Victims Are Being Treated: Here’s What We Know

On the heels of the horrific Manchester terror attack of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester where 19 plus people were killed and 50 plus were injured, witnesses began to post rapidly on social media. The people posting on sites such as Facebook and Twitter claim that there was a gunman positioned outside of the Oldham Hospital where the victims of the earlier blast had been taken.

People are saying that a gunman stated that anyone who tried to leave the hospital would be gunned down on the spot.

Two UK news sources ran the story and stated that the authorities have reported that it was a “false story.” However, eyewitness accounts and a statement confirming the hospital’s lockdown from an employee leave the probability open to an actual extension of the earlier terror attack.

The real question here is why would authorities respond to the hospital in full swat gear and clear the premise is it was a false story? Why try to cover this up if it was false?

The answer is much easier than some may think. Too much terror in one place gets the masses riled up and most places with these type of sadistic Islamic attacks have governments that are sympathizers of the Islamic agenda and their planned take-over.

Via Express UK:

Oldham town council has denied reports there is a gunman outside the Royal Hospital amid swirling social media reports. contacted the hospital and they confirmed they were on lockdown, although security refused to disclose any more details.

Oldham Council wrote on Twitter: “We have no information to this effect at all. Please only trust or share official sources of information.”


Ironically contrary to the “no information” statement made by the Council proof of a response by police has surfaced via a video that appears to be of armed police responding to the situation at the hospital and if you listen to the short clip closely you can actually hear one officer tell the person behind the camera to leave the area in a manner that sounds quite panicked.

Via UK Nip:


So was there a shooter, and if so then why cover it up other than to keep the masses from reacting? We all know the narrative is heavily controlled by the government as well as a lack of mainstream media coverage of such situations.

I personally believe there was an armed man making threats to the Manchester victims and I also believe that time will reveal more proof for us. In the meantime, we will all have to make our own conclusions as to the legitimacy of this specific situation. One fact is clear; these attacks of terror and ISIS yet again taking responsibility for them is enough to tell us that it is only going to get worse and more rapid.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this was a cover-up or just people trying to get the masses riled up even more? Let us know in the comments below!

Let us know in the comments below!