BREAKING: Sick Memo On McCain Leaks, Reveals He’s Plotting With Muslim Terrorists To Take Out Trump

The biggest traitor in Washington D.C. might be none other than John McCain. We continuously see this moron leading the charge against our president, while constantly spewing the ridiculous leftist talking points about Trump’s ties with the Russians. But now a breaking report is coming to light revealing who really owns John McCain, and finally his treasonous antics against our president ALL begin to make perfect freaking sense.

Before this information came to light, many of us continued to be perplexed as to why McCain would devote all his time trying to take down our president. We all knew he was the traitor behind the fake Russian hooker story and gave the bogus dossier to the liberal media as the ultimate smear campaign against Trump. So what would drive this man to do such a thing?

After a little digging was done into the McCain Institute, a rather suspicious donor list immediately began sending off alarm bells. One of his most generous donors to McCain’s organization is the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the very same Muslims LINKED to the 9/11 terror attack! Yep, that’s right. John McCain is owned by Muslims!

While you’re picking your jaw off the ground get ready, because the insanity doesn’t stop there. The other main donor currently throwing mad cash at this dirtbag is the Rothschilds, who are not only one of his top donors, but also sit as members on his Board of Trustees!

Sounds just like Hillary 2.0, huh?  Both of these crooked politicians have massive amounts of money funneled to their organizations from Muslim terrorists, and they are both in bed with powerful progressives.

We all suspected for a long time that McCain was in bed with the enemy and this proves it. Now it makes perfect sense why McCain wants to see President Trump destroyed. Any politician who is owned by Muslim terrorists has no place in Washington D.C. and should be ousted immediately. President Trump needs to drain the swamp and he needs to start with McCain! Help expose the truth and share this story!

H/T [Angry Patriot]