Breaking: Trump Goes To War Against Illegals! Check Out The Unprecidented Move

President Trump is coming out of the gates hard and has made good on many of his campaign promises already. Sanctuary cities basically told Trump to get lost, but President Trump isn’t giving in. President Trump is not about to give in to the demands of illegal people and then be given sanctuary within our own country.

Which brings us to the latest executive order that Trump has issued for the Department of  Homeland Security. The order is titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” and it will have illegals seriously freaking out.

Trump is directing Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by those in the country illegally, as well as any jurisdiction that has failed to honor federal requests to hold illegal immigrants arrested on suspicion of other crimes so they can be processed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

The order reads, “Many aliens who illegally enter the United States and those who overstay or otherwise violate the terms of their visas present a significant threat to national security and public safety. This is particularly so for aliens who engage in criminal conduct in the United States.”

The order will also stipulate that federal funds would be withheld from cities and counties that refuse to cooperate with immigration laws and officials. Although the directive did not specify which funds would be withheld, it provided that only federal funds required for law enforcement purposes would be excluded from the order.

Both the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security give various grants to local governments for a range of purposes, and this order would end that if these cities do not comply.

Finally, a President with the fortitude to stand against those who would see our country ruined. I.C.E. can finally do the job they are paid to do, and the illegals committing crimes can finally be sent packing.

We were not able to upload the entire policy here, but if you click this link you can read it HERE.

We The People have asked for a throat punch type leader and it is becoming very clear that we have finally got one!

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]