BREAKING: Trump Holds Emergency ‘Doomsday’ Briefing With 100 Senators

Ever since President Trump did an airstrike on Syria, North Korea has been rattling their sabers and spouting off about plans to nuke the United States. Now in what is being dubbed a “Doomsday briefing,” President Trump has called an emergency meeting with 100 members of the U.S. Senate to discuss the dire situation with North Korea. It will be conducted by several of Trump’s head honchos including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” according to aides quoted in Reuters.

Conservative Daily Post has more:

Certain to be a topic of discussion will be the rising threat of North Korea in regards to their military aggression and promises of “nuclear annihilation” for those who oppose the awkward dynasty. While NK does not have anything that is likely going to cause the kind of destruction they promise to rain down upon the U.S, they can easily harm the South Koreans or even Hawaii. This is even more likely in the event that the THADD systems for shooting down such weapons were to fail or be improperly used due to human error.   

An EMP pulse, if not properly detected by the US due to something like being smuggled into a cargo bay, could cause a lot of trouble in American ports. Some suggest that the use of only a few nukes that caused no fallout risk set off in certain altitudes could kill 90% of America from starvation, freezing, and lack of working equipment. Something as simple as faraday cages could prevent much of this, yet Obama and Bush allowed American infrastructure to crumble. We are now greatly exposed to such threats, according to experts.

Lastly, Russia and China are awfully unpredictable in this area of world affairs. China, for example, seems to be in favor of helping the U.S.A. at the same time that they prepare for war if America acts. Even North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does not know where China stands in terms of their alliance and loyalties, so they are quite a loose cannon. As such, they shall be talked about at this meeting. They may even talk about rumors that China would assassinate Kim (unlikely, but possible) and the fact that North Korea has kidnapped at least three Americans as and is keeping them as human shields. There are also those from Malaysia being held there against their will, as well.

These meetings come on the heels of President Trump referring to North Korea as a nation using “continued belligerence,” which is quite an accurate statement as this man child Kim Jong un continues to pound his war drums. There’s also chatter about a similar meeting being set up with the United States House of Representatives. Some are speculating that this could mean the White House is on the verge of declaring war since this is the process that must be taken. The Conservative Daily Post went speculated about this further:

The most glaring reason is that America is already still at war with North Korea. Most Americans do not today understand that the Korean War never ended as World War II did or the Civil War did. Instead, a simple ceasefire was signed, which was a step meant to prevent all out nuclear war with China. General Patton was removed from his post for wanting to engage in such a war with the Asian nation at the time and many believe that the war would have progressed to that level of severity if the fighting had raged on for a fourth year. Today, thanks to Bill Clinton and Chinagate, the Chinese have nuclear weapons themselves. This was not true during the Korean War, so the depth of the problem is far greater now.

The real trouble lies in the fact that North Korea has become obsessed with avenging the fallen from that war in 1950 and have even set up the only available tour in the nation around that very topic. The White House may be about to inform the members of the Senate (and later the House) on just what actions will be taken based on what happens and what deals have been made. Developments happen swiftly, so it can be within the realm of reason to suggest that more than one outcome could be talked about within the context of a few given situations.

It could also be that Trump is going to let everyone know of a certain plan that may already be  in place. He may want to be sure that as many in Congress support him as possible in the event that some action is planned. Sanctions could also be on the table, but it can not be imagined that this many important people within the U.S. government would be called to announce only that sanctions were getting tougher on the “Kimdom,” as some have called NK.

Trying to ponder what Putin will do is also something that will need to be spoken about. Many overlook that Russia also shares a border with the wayward nation and that Putin hates the NATO/U.S. weapons that are perched on his doorstep now. He will be taking a keener than average interest in just what happen once “one Korea” comes to be and Kim should fall. For Russia, it is not that they are very fond of Kim Jong-un, they simply detest America. If anything, Kim is a massive let down to both nations because had he been sane, North Korea could be like a Communist version of “South Korea meets China” today. Instead, it is a hell where starvation and abuse are as common as air and wind.

Trump will now have to gain the support of those in the Senate if he is planning any military based actions. The people who voted for the President are not going to take kindly to a large scale war in North Korea and even less happy about fighting China or Russia. Therefore, Trump can be expected to be addressing all of these things. Hopefully, those 100 who we have chosen to speak for us with the President can get past the “R” or “D” in their party title and work towards keeping us out of World War III.