BREAKING: TRUMP Rains Down HELL FIRE On Bashar al-Assad…Here’s What We Know

What is going on folks?

We have just learned that President Trump has ordered military action against the Assad regime after Syrian chemical attack. This report just came in moments ago and it has already throw social media into a tizzy.

According to ABC 13:

The United States has attacked a Syrian air base with roughly 60 cruise missiles in response to chemical weapons attack it blames on President Bashar Assad.

U.S. officials say the Tomahawk missiles were fired from two warships in the Mediterranean Sea, targeting a government-controlled air base in Syria.

U.S. officials say Syrian government aircraft killed dozens of civilians by using chlorine mixed with a nerve agent, possibly sarin, earlier this week.

The bombing represents President Donald Trump’s most dramatic military order since taking office. The Obama administration threatened to attack Assad’s forces for previous chemical weapons attacks but never followed through.

While, yes I understand that Assad is not a good guy this seems to be a knee-jerk response. This could drag us right into World War III and I am not sure that is where we need to be at this moment. I hope that this can be calmed down soon and not escalate any further.

Please stay tuned as this is a developing story.

H/T [ ABC 13 ]