BREAKING: Trump’s Top Enemy In America ARRESTED, On His Way To Jail!

In an epic twist of poetic justice, one of President Trump’s naysayers, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, from back in 2016 when the locker room banter video surfaced is now facing prison time after pleading guilty to 2 misdemeanors and had to swear to never try to hold public office again. Why? For having an affair with his aid while paying her $426k PER YEAR out of tax-payers pockets!

According to one report, during the 2014 National Governors Association, Bentley and Mason sent each other inappropriate text messages right in front of Ms. Bentley. Gov. Bentley even bragged that he had opened the hotel room door wearing nothing but his boxers because he had been expecting Mason.

When Mr. and Mrs. would fight about his affair, and he would take off in his truck causing security to engage in an exhaustive search to find his sorry butt. Kind of makes you wonder how much Alabama taxpayer money must have been spent on this man’s disgusting affair, doesn’t? At times they even had to considered using a helicopter to track him down.

The Governor doesn’t seem to be even mildly tech-smart either. His text messages were synced to his wife’s Ipad. In sharp contrast to this disgusting RINO, Dianne Bentley used technology to her advantage. She had her chief of staff, Heather Hannah, secretly record phone calls where the governor described feeling Mason’s breasts.

Unfortunately for Hannah, Mr. Bentley figured it out, and he threatened her numerous times, telling her to, “watch herself,” and stating that Alabamians “bow to his throne.”

There are pictures of Hannah’s car with the word,”Die” and other vulgar phrases that we can’t repeat carved into the windows. Wow, I don’t even have words for this one. I think that speaks for itself, but the corruption doesn’t end there.

The governor requested for state law enforcement officials and his bodyguard to find the recorded phone and engage in other measures to his protect his bottom-feeding reputation.

The Alabama Ethics Commission determined that Bentley committed at least four felonies while furthering his committing his foul deeds. Of course, the establishment hacks were swift in making a deal to lower these felonies to misdemeanors.

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]