BULLSH*T HYPOCRISY! List Leaks Of 72 Sitting Dems Who Voted To BAN Muslims From Coming To America Under President Obama!

Over the past week, liberals have been losing their minds over President Trump’s temporary migrant ban, even though it’s just his way of keeping our country safe. But hypocritically, there are 73 sitting Democrats in Washington that voted to ban visas from Muslim countries under Obama, and now that the truth is out, Democrats are frantic to keep it under wraps from their mindless protesters, otherwise their agenda would come crumbling down.

After 9/11, Congress passed what was called the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act, which addressed many of the insecurities in our visa tracking system. The bill passed the House and Senate unanimously.

Conservative Review reported:

President Bush and President Obama later used their discretion to waive the ban, but Trump is actually following the letter of the law — the very law sponsored and passed by Democrats.  Every Democrat in the 2002 Senate supported the banning of non-immigrant visas.

But it gets better. While liberals throw a fit over President Trump’s executive order, prominent Democrats backed the passed into law the bill he’s currently enforcing, including Vice President Biden, former Secretary of State Clinton, former Secretary of State Kerry, and former Majority Leader Reid all voted for the bill. 


Unfreaking real! This just further proves how stupid liberals are!

H/T [  Conservative Review ]