California Citizens Are Done With Sanctuary Cities And Has Come Up With An EPIC Plan To Stop Them For Good

People are tired of waiting for the Federal Government to stop the insanity that is sanctuary cities and one California grassroots group is standing up and saying enough. Hundreds of cities, counties, and a couple of states have refused to listen and conform when warned that funding will be withheld if they don’t cooperate.

Via Conservative Daily Post:

Much like Civil Rights Act violations in the 1960’s, some states are denying requests to cooperate with federal law, ignoring the statutes that require the detainment and removal of illegal immigrants.

However, California resident Joseph Turner is doing something about it. He’s been working to defund sanctuary cities for years. Knowing that taxable revenue is vitally needed at the local level, he’s bringing the fight to the pocketbook of the city of Cudahy. On Tuesday, Turner filed the paperwork that will inaugurate the process of divesting the city of nearly 14 percent of their general revenue—a sizable portion of the budget—amounting to more than $1 million dollars.

American Children First is a group of volunteers who are enacting initiatives to repeal tax revenue for sanctuary cities. As a larger effort to deny sanctuary cities federal monies, Turner filed the new initiative under Proposition 218, a utility tax repeal initiative. For around $200 and 62 signatures, Cudahy voters can cancel a large portion of the city’s operating revenue by instigating a legal vote that allows voter’s the ability to repeal the user utility tax.

Once the signature collecting begins, Turner and his group of volunteers will have 180 days to collect the required amount of voter support. In 2015, the city of Cudahy voted to adopt a resolution that would list it as a “Sanctuary City for Immigrants.” Since their police force consists of contracted Los Angeles County Sheriff Department officials, the move dovetails with the policies of the state organization.

Turner has long fought against illegal immigration and free-pass policies. Attorney General Jeff Session called for a halt of all sanctuary policies in March while speaking about jurisdictions that have refused to honor ICE detainer requests, even though the charges included “convictions” such as rape, murder, and drug trafficking. However, that hasn’t stopped California from blatantly ignoring the law.

Citing the Obama administration’s notices that insisted on compliance with federal law issued years ago, Sessions also distributed letters to 10 major sanctuary cities in the U.S. with a direct warning, in April. Those that continue to refuse compliance will face a total loss of federal funds.

Turner said, “We can no longer wait for the federal government to do its job. It is time for American patriots to stand up and defund sanctuary cities by working to repeal sources of tax revenues.” Since California gives voters the right to circumvent their elected officials and put questions directly on the ballot, the initiative gives people the power to fight unjust taxes and other laws.

Turner’s will be directed at utility user taxes. By repealing the utility tax through a popular vote, city and county officials will begin to understand that giving illegals sanctuary is not an action supported by voters in the area. Losing a significant amount of revenue will let them know that constituents will not abide with the heavy, undefined costs of criminal residency.

More residents in more states need to follow in Turner’s footsteps and begin fixing this country from the system up.

H/T [ Conservative Daily Post ]