Canada Is SCREWED After Prime Minister Teams Up With Terrorists To Do The Unthinkable To His Country

Around the globe, we continue to see innocent people being brutally victimized by Muslims as they are raped, enslaved, beheaded, and massacred all in the name of Allah. Startlingly, the more that these Muslims carry out the psychotic practices that their Quran instructs them to do, the louder liberals scream that we need to “show more tolerance.” Political correctness around the globe is literally killing us, as world leaders continue to turn a blind eye as violent Muslims migrate and invade Western countries. But shockingly, Canada has just put the final nail in their coffin, giving Muslims in their country full reign to practice Sharia Law without any fear of being criticized for it.

We’ve seen what happens to countries who recklessly open their doors to these unvetted migrants, just take a look at what’s going on in Sweden and Germany. But the moron leading Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau, is still playing political correctness games with the lives of the people he leads, opening the borders of his country to any unvetted vermin who wants in, while publicly slamming President Trump as a “racist bigot” for his stance on immigration.

Even though Canadians are already suffering at the hands of these terrorists disguised as refugees, with rapes now skyrocketing in Canada, Trudeau still can’t seem get enough of Islam. Now horrifically, Trudeau and his band of liberal morons have just passed a law in Canada, making it ILLEGAL for Canadians to criticize or speak out against Islam. 

Under the guise of protecting Muslims in Canada from “Islamophobia,” the parliament passed a motion on Thursday that will punish citizens for criticizing Muslims and Islam. Proponents of the law are trying to claim that the measure will “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination,” but we all know that’s a giant crock of crap. This new dangerous law will simply empower these idiots to practice their religion of massacre, enslavement, and rape, but now they’ll have zero fears of being called out for practicing what their holy book teaches.

Just to recap, here’s what what the Quran explicitly states that all Muslims have to do; all pillars of Islam that will be completely ILLEGAL for Canadians to criticize:

    1. Muslims can rape women as long as they take them as their wives or slaves Quran 4:24
    2. Muslims are instructed to discriminate against all “unbelievers” Quran 48:29
    3. Muslims must persecute anyone who is against the establishment of the Islamic State Quran 5:33
    4. Muslims must slaughter anyone who doesn’t covert to Islam Quran 9:73
    5. Muslims must force Christians and Jews to pay fines who live in apartheid Quran 9:29
    6. Muslims must not be peaceful, but live for war for Allah Quran 9:111
    7. Peaceful Quranic verses were written before Allah’s command to slaughter and are therefore annulled Quran 2:106
    8. Muslims must hate non-believers Quran 3:32
    9. Muslims can slaughter other Muslims who are viewed as hypocrites Quran 9:73
    10. Muslims cannot seek peace until the world is ridden of non-believers Quran 47:35

Here’s a Muslim Imam instructing his congregation in Montreal, Canada to go out and start massacring Jews. Keep in mind if you’re a Canadian and you criticize this Muslim, you’ll be imprisoned for breaking a federal law:

It’s truly startling how these freaking idiot world leaders are literally leading their citizens to the slaughter house and embracing a violent religion whose goal is to bathe the entire world in the blood of the infidel. It will be interesting to see how long Canada lasts after implementing the very same policies that are actively destroying European countries.

Good luck, Canada. You’re going to need it!

H/T [Answering Muslims, Al Jazeera]