Chelsea Clinton Takes NASTY Swipe At Kellyanne, 2 Hours Later Chelsea’s Buck-toothed Mouth Is On The Ground

If there’s one person you don’t want to get in a battle of wits against, it’s Donald Trump’s right-hand woman Kellyanne Conway. Now Hillary Clinton’s evil spawn bucktoothed Chelsea is unfortunately having to learn this lesson the hard way, after taking a public swipe at Kellyanne on Twitter.

The other night during an interview, Kellyanne made a slight gaffe when speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, where she accidentally referred to two Iraqi refugees who were later arrested for ties in the in Bowling Green, Kentucky as the “Bowing Green Massacre.” The left immediately began to salivate over Kellyanne’s slight mistake and began attacking her, with Chelsea Clinton jumping on the bandwagon and tweeting out this snarky response:

Chelsea would shortly learn she should’ve kept her fat ugly mouth shut however, as Kellyanne, not missing a beat, blasted her back with a brutal response 2 hours later, hurling the Clinton spawn back into the cave where she belongs.

Of course Kellyanne’s b*tchslap was a reference to the time when Hillary told the massive whopper about landing under sniper fire back in 1996, where she narrowly walked away with her life after her Bosnia trip. Even better was how she not only took Chelsea down a notch, but destroyed Hillary while she was at it!

Hillary (aka Rambo) landing in Bosnia in 1996

Gawd I love this woman! No wonder the liberal media is coming out in droves and refusing to interview Kellyanne. They know they can’t match her on an intellectual level, and they see the trail of liberal of liberal tears she leaves in her wake wherever she goes!

H/T [Gateway Pundit]