Chicago Muslim Brutally Kills Baby By Throwing It From Balcony, Lib Judge SETS HER FREE With 2 Sick Words

Anytime a child dies, it is a tragedy, however, it is even more of a tragedy when the child dies at the hands of the mother because the mother throws the child out of a window, 8 stories high. Unfortunately, the tragedy does not end there.

Back in 2015, Mubashra Uddin, a Chicago teen, who is part of a strict Muslim family from Pakistan, threw her newborn child out an apartment window, because she had hidden the pregnancy from her parents, and she didn’t want them to find out. Prior to her pregnancy, Mubashra’s parents took her out of high school when they found out she had a boyfriend. It would be this boyfriend who would father the child who was violently thrown to her death.

Yesterday, Mubashra Uddin pleaded guilty to the charges against her. Her punishment you ask? Surely life in prison or a lengthy prison sentence. Nope. She was sentenced to four years probation, a $579 fine, and degenerate Judge Carol Howard even gave Mubashra Uddin credit for 603 days served in the Cook County Jail.

The extent of the child’s injuries included multiple skull fractures, a spinal fracture, a broken left shoulder, broken ribs, and severe damage to her internal organs.  The pain this child must have felt in her short life is unimaginable, and the person who violently murdered this baby gets a slap on the wrist with a fine, a few hundred days in jail, and some probation. The fact that this took place in Chicago does is not surprising in the least. The excuse that this human piece of garbage used to avoid jail time was that she was overwhelmed and afraid of her parents and what they would do if they found the child. Apparently, calling the police never occurred to Mubashra Uddin. She thought it would be better to throw the child out of a window. During the pregnancy, there were so many things she and her boyfriend could have done but because no one spoke up, a child is dead.

During the time after Mubashra Uddin killed her baby girl and was in the Cook County Jail, she was treated for depression which is what her lawyers used to argue that she should not receive a prison sentence. And of course, she had friends coming to her defense because she was sad and her parents are mean. At the time of the child’s death, Mubashra Uddin was 19 years old and grown enough that she could have left her parent’s house, but she stayed.

Worst of all, the Cook County State’s Attorney went along with this and allowed this travesty of justice. Moreover, it is hard to buy the whole depression story. Sure, she might have been treated after the fact, but prior she had no history of receiving treatment for mental illness. Throwing people off of roofs and out of windows is something these radical Muslims do on a regular basis to gay people as well as those who have somehow offended Allah. Is there a trend here? The Cook County Prosecutors office either does not value an infant’s life, (it is obvious Judge Carol Howard does not) or they are just oblivious to what is going on around them. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

This tragedy is a perfect example of why we as conservatives and Americans need to demand that those immigrating here assimilate into our culture and obey our laws, or get the hell out. Maybe in Pakistan it is perfectly normal to throw a newborn baby out of a window. Unfortunately, there are similar stories taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan. The left will excuse this and say she was depressed, her parents are mean, blah blah blah. The same typical liberal argument used to devalue human life, and that is what this is about. These radical Muslim terrorists wishing to do us harm do not value human life. And whether a person prays to Allah, Jesus, or Buddha, there is no justification in these United States of America for killing a newborn baby out of fear of parents.

The fear people should have is that there may be similar incidents, and liberal judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and liberal politicians will excuse this barbarity as being culturally diverse. This has nothing to do with cultural diversity and everything to do with the fact that Mubashra Uddin should spend the rest of her life in prison.

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