Civil War Has Begun! Angry Citizens Fight Back At Liberal Mayors Infesting Their Cities With Nasty Migrants

Civil war comes in many forms and we seem to be on the verge of war because of Sanctuary Cities. The fight is ramping up and with President Trump’s new executive order that will block federal funding for those states that do not comply with immigration laws. However, with Trump’s order, he takes it one step further. Trump will allow criminal charges to be pressed against any official that refuses to comply with the law in this case, things are getting pretty heated.

Warch the video here:


It’s time, however, that these entitled officials be forced to follow the laws. Enough is enough, and I for one am glad that the Trump administration is finally imposing the very laws we have always had.

Of the left and their ‘leader’ don’t get their heads on right we will see damages done to this country that will be very bad. Immigration laws have ALWAYS been in place and Trump is simply making them valid again.

Wake up America!

H/T [ Truth Feed ]