CNN CUTS FEED Of GOP Representative When He Exposes This Alarming FBI Statistic About Muslim Refugees

CNN is known to be the most biased news network in the world, and this last time they showed their disdain for the truth is no different than the many other times that they have shown exactly what their agenda is. During an interview with GOP Representative, Scott Taylor, CNN decided to completely cut his feed right after he revealed the fact that the majority of Americans support the Travel Ban and that 30% of domestic terror attacks are in fact committed by refugees.

The agenda of mainstream media has been well known for quite some time, and it no longer shocks most of us when they play like they don’t understand why guests mic’s and feeds get cut. They have taken to blaming it on make-believe “TV Gremlins” of all things. This is far from the first time that they cut the feed when they don’t like what they are hearing. In 2016 they were notorious for doing this to ONLY those on the right, including Trump on numerous occasions.

The jig has been up CNN.  Get your crap together!

According to 100 Percent Fed Up:

CNN is notorious for cutting the mic when they don’t like what someone is saying on their network. Rep. Scott Taylor was being interviewed by CNN host Dana Bash about the refugee ban when he began to say how the American people are overwhelmingly in support of the ban in the interest of their safety.

He goes on to say that 30% of domestic terrorism is committed by refugees when his sound and picture is instantly cut out of the broadcast. Bash is quick to blame the cut on “the TV gremlins”.

CNN has always claimed to be non-bias and all about the facts, but they haven’t been the most forthcoming media network in a very long time. Selective journalism isn’t ok for a network that totes otherwise. The American people have every right to hear what all sides are saying in order to choose what they want to believe, yet that can not happen when mainstream media essentially only allows the rhetoric from one side. Especially not while it is being done in a manner of pure dishonesty such as feed cutting.

They invite guests from the right on only to look as though they are working for the full story but everyone knows the second that guest starts to speak on anything that doesn’t further the leftist agenda they will be silenced. That is an unconstitutional act against we the people and it has to stop. Not, to mention that it goes against the FCC regulations.

Here are just a few of CNN cut offs-

Bernie Sanders-even though CNN jumped the gun because Sanders was joking as he said CNN was “fake News.”

Congressman Collins Cut Off After Mentioning Wikileaks

Soldier Cut Off After Criticizing Wars Against Middle East

Muslim Cut Off After Defending Donald Trump

Do you see the pattern here? There are thousands of videos exactly like these that outline the degradation and one sidedness of the mainstream media. Everyone that tries to speak any kind of truth on this network is silenced. That is a Nazi tactic and one that has been well tested for years.

It is ironic that the CNN network is so very much in support of the Hillary Regime and the left in general. Hitler also had strict control over the media, because he wanted people to hear only his opinions and points of view and to be able to control any and all information that was contrary or harmful to his regime. Do you see the similarities?

A tried and true method for a one sided takeover is easily replayed once you have control of the one thing people turn to the most to be able to feel as if they know what is happening in the world. If that media is somehow corrupted or blocked to a degree then, of course, the people who watch it the most will always be following the divisive rhetoric that is spewed out of that media. Hence why the left is so adamantly against hearing anything other than the same lies that CNN has already pushed into their minds. Corruption at it’s finest.

H/T [ 100 Percent Fed Up ]