Confederate Monuments Are Being Removed In New Orleans And Where They Are Being Dumped Will Piss You Off

The war on history has been a behind the scenes struggle in many of the Southern States for the past few years. It has only been thrust into the spotlight when the Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, began removing historical monuments of Confederate lineage. Those featured on these monuments are American Veterans as well as Confederate leaders and should be shown the same respect as any other memorial to an American Veteran.

The streets of New Orleans were recently abuzz with both locals and out of towners who flocked to the city to try and rally and save the monuments of Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beaureguard, and Robert E. Lee. The first statue to be removed was the Liberty Obelisk, which occurred by masked men in the dead of night.

Sadly Landrieu has gone to extreme and even illegal means to rip history literally from its foundation and the last standing monument, Lee, is to be removed on Friday, May 19th, 2017. The most disturbing part of it all is that it appears through all of his promises to the committee that voted based on his lies and his public rhetoric about racism and division, Mitch was after one thing only. Time capsules.

Each of the 4 slotted for removal statutes held time capsules of priceless artifacts. The three statues have been removed and all that is left of them are broken and stained platforms. However, parts of the monuments have been discovered in an unguarded and non-approved JUNK YARD.


Mitch Landrieu was granted the votes to remove these monuments under a certain agreement. A few of which were #1. Have the removal done by a non-city employee crew and non-city funded equipment paid for by an anonymous donor who is no longer anonymous and will be the benefactor of said monuments at great cost. #2. The monuments would be stored safely and maintained in a city owned and protected warehouse until they were transported to the location they would be reassembled at ( a slave museum.)

Suspected location of the Jefferson Davis statue located near the Superdome. This has not been verified by Political Mayhem as of yet.

Landrieu has broken almost all agreements by forcing firefighters and city employees to dismantle the monuments and move them and then placing them in a trash heap. The location of all the pieces are not known, however, it is believed that the pieces he is receiving the most money for are the missing items. Misappropriation of funds, fraudulent claims to a city committee, and forcing city employees to commit acts of illegal nature are all crimes and Landrieu should be held accountable.

It is bad enough that Landrieu is toting his fake “white guilt” across the state of Louisiana by pushing that the Civil War needs to be forgotten and that monuments to the men that fought for the south are a racist symbol but to simply discard our beautiful monuments in a trash yard is the most despicable action by the Mayor to date.

Those statues were bought and paid for by the widows of the confederate soldiers with MONEY they earned. These monuments are meant to honor ALL of the men that fought and died in the Civil War. That includes the hundreds of FREE black men that chose to fight for the Confederacy, and as such will always belong to the people.

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