Conservative Women Lay EPIC Smackdown On Liberal Women Who Skipped Work To Protest Their ‘Oppression’

We have seen a lot of hashtag wars across the twitter-sphere in the last couple of years but this one takes the cake. Liberal women thought they would show their power and logged on to Twitter to spam us all. #ADayWithoutWomen was their hashtag they used for yesterday’s protest. Conservative women jumped on the social media site and put these liberal women back in their place.

Via Chicks On The Right:

It’s International Women’s Day, and to celebrate, feminists aren’t showing up to their jobs. You know. To prove that women are important and to stand up for reproductive equality. Don’t ask me to explain that. How does not showing up to work convince anyone that taxpayers should continue to pay for abortions? I just…yeah. I don’t get it.

The bulk of the feminist activism is taking place on Twitter. They’re using the power of the hashtag, #ADayWithoutAWoman.

After a series of ridiculous tweets from the morons on the left, Conservative women showed up and began putting these idiots in their place in the most epic way possible, trolling them with the hashtag #WhileTheFeministsWereAway.

It is apparent who the winner was in this Twitter war, and it was the conservatives. Nothing does my heart good than watching these feminists get stomped by REAL WOMEN.

It just seems that conservatives just keep winning no matter what the forum they are on.

H/T [ Chicks On The Right ]