DISGUSTING HYPOCRISY: Men Arrested For “Vandalizing” New Orleans Monument

Riddle me this if you will. If a monument is removed from its original place because it was deemed “offensive and racist” even though the residents of the city DID NOT want the statue removed it is still considered a National Monument?

This question came to me when news got out that two men were arrested and charged with “defacing a national monument” because they spray painted “Gen. Beauregard CSA” on the battered and crumbling stand of the P.G.T Beauregard monument in New Orleans AFTER the actual monument was removed.

So, how can authority figures charge these two men with that specific charge after the monument is deemed to NOT be a national monument that SHOULD have been protected by MANY local, state, and federal laws put in place many years ago?

Mitch Landrieu, the New Orleans Mayor has broken 100 different laws to get his way on removing four Confederate monuments from the city, but two supporters of the monuments are facing charges. How can for putting the correct name BACK onto the base of a monument that the mayor himself is refusing to acknowledge as a National Monument be a crime?

Seems hypocritical to me, right?

Here is more from WGNO:

NEW ORLEANS — Hours after crews finished removing the six-ton statue dedicated to Confederate soldier P.G.T. Beauregard, two Norco men have been arrested for vandalizing the base of where the statue once stood. According to NOPD, an Eighth District commander spotted Michael Kimball, 57, and Christopher Kimball, 31, both of Norco, spray-painting the base outside the entrance to City Park. The men are accused of using red spray paint to paint the words “Gen. Beauregard CSA” across the statue’s base. Both Kimballs were arrested and booked for criminal damage to historic buildings or landmarks by defacing with graffiti.

Crews were still working mid-day to clean up the spray-paint. Work began shortly after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday to take down the third of four Confederate monuments slated for removal. The statue came down about 3 a.m. before a sizable crowd. Protesters who want the monuments to remain in place clashed some with the Take ‘Em Down Nola group that wants the monuments gone.

At one point three people, a man, and two women were escorted away from the area in handcuffs.  A spokesman for the NOPD says the three will probably be cited for public intoxication. The workers who removed the statue wore masks to conceal their identities, just as they did when they removed Jefferson Davis last week and the Liberty Place monument in April.

This is just another way to destroy our history and we cannot allow it to happen. Mayor Mitch Landrieu is the one who broke the law and should be lead away in handcuffs. But, that won’t happen until we push for it. Enough is enough and I hope that these people are not charged with any crimes whatsoever.

Which way would you vote as per what charges should be placed on these men? Let us know in the comments!

H/T [ WGNO ]