During 9/11 Speech, “Mad Dog” Mattis Halts Ceremony, Says 5 Words To Trump That Pisses Muslims Off Around The World

All Americans reflect on 9/11 as a day that to reflect on the past years since that tragic day when we lost so many for such horrible reasons. Many of us deal with it differently. Some go quiet; some get angry; and others use it to reaffirm their vows to never forget. During the 16th anniversary remembrance ceremony held by the Trump administration, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, took this moment to remind all of us that America is still strong.

We will always walk in the shadows of those lost, but we will also always honor their memories with grace and strength no matter what. Mattis was able to convey the messagee in his always blunt and honest fashion like no one else could. He has never been one to mince words nor sugar-coat anything. This is just to kind of strength we we need in our Defense Department. The war on terror is far from over, and we have all become far too complacent about it. It is a monster that may be in the dark a bit more now than it was 16 years ago, but that is only because our previous administration helped to arm it, feed it, and give it time to plan.

No more will we sit and wait for the next attack. No more will we wonder what city will be targeted. The Trump Administration is going hell bent to change everything that allowed for the attacks against America to be executed without much of a response during the last eight years of that traitor Obama’s reign.

According to Conservative Fighters :

Monday, the 16th anniversary of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, was marked solemnly by the Trump administration. The day began with a moment of silence at the White House, followed by the president, first lady, and staff traveling to the Pentagon to speak in front of the building and memorial to the plane that crashed into the building, killing 125 people. Trump was joined onstage by Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford.

The stage was positioned directly in front of the location where the plane was flown into the building, and the Pentagon unfurled an American flag over the crash site for the speeches.

Mattis began his remarks commemorating the nearly 3,000 lives lost that morning around the country. He then critiqued the “temporizing” of the fight against radical Islam, a veiled shot at the previous administration. Mattis, in his trademark fashion, was blunt, saying, “we Americans are not made of cotton candy. We are not seaweed drifting in the current; we are not intimidated by our enemies.”

Mattis then paused, turned away from the podium, and looked directly at Trump and said:

“Mr. President, your military does not scare.”

The grit of the speech marks a stark change in tone from military leaders in the Trump administration. Mattis continued:

“Our nation’s troops today are worthy successors of our Revolutionary army at Valley Forge, worthy successors of our valiant sailors at Midway and our Marines at bloody Iwo Jima … men and women of your armed forces America having signed a blank check to the protection of the American people and to the defense of our constitution, a check payable with their very lives, your military stands ready and confident to defend this country, this experiment in democracy.”

Watch the powerful moment below:


Every decision made from the immigration ban to DACA has a place in preventing terror attacks and criminal activities committed against Americans, and I fully support Trump’s attempt to wipe that slate clean. It is about time! SOD Mattis has a big hand in those decisions believe it or not. His experience with the war on terror is something we greatly needed in the White House and it is greatly appreciated by true blooded Americans.

Keep doing what you are doing Mattis, and bring us the justice that has been searched for over the last 16 years. We the people fully support your efforts and your determination to rid the world of those that would harm us in any way! Our country was once a place of peace and prosperity. It is time we get back to that even if it has to be through the fires of hell.

H/T [ Conservative Fighters ]


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