Elderly Vet Just Revealed The Disgusting Thing Obama Did To Him For Waving an American Flag

During Obama’s presidency, he did everything he could to show his disdain for America and our veterans. It seemed like every day we would learn how Obama screwed the American people. Even though Obama is long gone he is still hanging around like a fart in a small room. That could not be better depicted once you hear what one veteran is actually going through due to Obama’s policies.

Robert Rosebrock is a 74-year-old veteran and he is facing jail time for displaying two small American flags on a fence at a Veterans Administration facility. Yeah, you read that correctly folks.

WND has the rest of the story.

The case brought by the Obama administration is over a pair of “four-by-six-inch American flags,” explains Judicial Watch.

They were placed on a fence that is part of the “Great Lawn Gate” marking the entrance to the Los Angeles National Veterans Park on Memorial Day in 2016.

“Will Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) continue wasting taxpayer dollars to criminally prosecute a 74-year-old U.S. Army veteran for posting two American flags in a southern California Veterans Administration facility?” Judicial Watch asked Tuesday.

“The absurd case was initiated under President Obama but is set to go to trial in federal court next month under new DOJ leadership. The military veteran faces up to six months in jail for the ghastly offense of affixing Old Glory at a site honoring those who served their country.”

The only thing that is good about this is that the DOJ is under new leadership. One can hope that Jeff Sessions will drop this insane case, and not waste another dime on such a vindictive suit.

This is a veteran and should be treated with the utmost respect. For Rosebrock to even be charged with this is disgusting enough, but what else could expect under the Obama administration. I think the best way to make our voices heard is to call the DOJ and implore Sessions not to prosecute this case.

What do you think? Should the DOJ drop this case? Sound off in the comment section below!

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