EX-ESPN Host Comes Forward and Blows Lid Off Of Company’s Sick Secret

Mainstream Media in all of its facets has become a cesspool of hypocrisy and lies. A former ESPN employee has come out to let the world know that her former employers flat demanded that she not engage in any conservative leaning material on social media. Yet other ESPN correspondents such as Jamele Hill gets a mere slap on the wrist for not just engaging in racist and hateful rhetoric, but for being the actual poster of such filth.

The constant attacks and demands on anyone conservative have gotten out of hand while the opposite and most often hateful rhetoric from the left seems to not only be allowed but promoted. At some point these companies and organizations need to be put on a serious fair act hearing.

According to America News Hub :

Britt McHenry, a former cable host, has admitted that when she worked at Disney-owned sports cable network ESPN, her employers warned her not to engage with conservatives on Twitter or face trouble from her left-wing bosses.

Henry appeared on Fox Business Network this week to reveal that her ESPN bosses said she was not even allowed to “like” conservative tweets on social media platform Twitter, Gateway Pundit revealed.

On Fox Busines Network’s “Varney & Co.,” Henry revealed just how far left ESPN really is behind the scenes.

Britt McHenry: I can just speak from being conservative a lot of people who felt the way I did were timid to express their opinions… I was told not to even “like” conservative tweets on Twitter.

Stuart Varney:Who told you not to like conservative tweets… Was it ESPN management?

Britt McHenry: Yes. Yes.

ESPN has faced accusations that it is the liberal place for politics (and once in a while sports) for some time. But the network has consistently denied that it is a liberal network.

Indeed, last year ESPN’s ombudsman, Jim Brady, wrote an entire article exploring the question, Breitbart News reported.

A long piece by Jim Brady presents evidence that complaints have resonated, even inside its executive boardroom, that sports cable network ESPN has become far too liberal.

Naturally, even as Brady admits that there is some left-wing bias at the network, he ends up insisting that the network doesn’t really have a problem with any bias.

In his piece Brady tries to grapple with charges of the network’s emerging and extreme left-wing bias and suggests ways to address that perception. In his November 8 piece, Brady spends much time insisting there is no left-wing bias at ESPN even as he argues that the network hasn’t done enough to assure customers and sports fans that the network welcomes all political views.

Of course, the ESPN ombudsman does note that the network needs to work harder to convince conservative viewers that they aren’t seeing what they are seeing.

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“If ESPN continues to let its personalities debate the issues of the day but finds a way to better balance those conversations, it will be richer for it. In more ways than one,” Brady said at the end of his November, 2016, article.

But since then, the network has continued to reveal how biased it really is. After firing conservatives like Curt Schilling, Mike Ditka, and others because they dared say conservative things, the network has time and again ignored similar “fireable offenses” from its liberal hosts.

The situation with left-wing, Black Lives Matter extremist Jemele Hill is a perfect example of how the network coddles its liberals.

A month ago Hill tweeted out that President Donald Trump was a “white supremacist.” After her comment hit the fan, ESPN did absolutely nothing to her. Despite that these same network bosses fired conservatives for far less, Hill was given a complete pass.

It took another violation of ESPN’s Twitter policy for Hill to finally face some small measure of punishment. And even after calling for a boycott of ESPN’s own parters, Hill only got a mild two-week suspension.

Now with former ESPN host Britt McHenry revealing that her left-wing bosses told her she wasn’t allowed to have conservative opinions, well, it seems pretty obvious that ESPN’s claims that “it isn’t too liberal” is simply a lie.

McHenry also recently appeared on CNN with dopey host Brian Stelter — himself a former left-wing blogger who suddenly became a “journalist.”


Epic hypocrisy at it’s finest. From CNN to ESPN, the NFL to politicians, it all seems to have been twisted to represent the most anti-American narrative that this country has ever seen. None of this should be allowed from either side. Report the truth, play the game, do your jobs. It seems simple enough.

God help America.

H/T [ America News Hub ]