Expert Just Announced MILLIONS Of Americans Infected Without Knowing It, Here’s What Everyone Needs To Do Right Now

Over the past week, WikiLeaks released a massive set of documents that revealed the intrusive hacking secrets of our US intelligence agencies. From this 8,000 pages of documents, we learned how the government can remotely take over control of your smartphone and listen and see everything through your camera’s mic and camera. But disturbingly, it isn’t just the NSA that’s spying on you. One expert is revealing how a very common app that you probably have on your phone right now is spying on you in the sickest way imaginable.

Cyber security expert Gary Miliefskynt stumbled upon this extremely disturbing find after noticing that his phone began acting strangely, relaying in a recent interview how the GPS on his phone would just randomly turn on. So Miliefskynt started doing a little digging, and soon realized that the culprit was the flashlight app that he had on his smart phone. (If video thumbnail appears grey it is there…just click it.)

He then set out to do a complete investigation of Google’s top 10 flashlight apps where he found that ALL OF THEM contained malicious software, allowing the countries of China, India, and Russia immediate access to everything that’s stored on your phone. After downloading this app, these countries then have access to all your personal info, including your name, location, credit card numbers, bank account information, family photos, videos, as well as every single contact that you have stored. Once a user downloads the app, all of this information is then sent out to a satellite dish that’s attached to the app, where the snooping and stealing of your highly-guarded secrets then begins. Here’s the top 10 spying apps and their capabilities:

  1. Super Bright LED Flashlight
  2. Brightest Flashlight Free
  3. Tiny Flashlight + LED
  4. Flashlight
  5. Brightest LED Flashlight
  6. Color Flashlight
  7. High-Powered Flashlight
  8. Flashlight: LED Torch Light
  9. Flashlight HD Led
  10. Flashlight

Miliefskynt went on to say that the this type of malware is how nation states are collecting insane amounts of personal information on Americans, where they can then sell the info, or use for criminal purposes. But what’s even more disturbing is that simply deleting the app will not make the problem go away, as the trojans attached to the app will still run in the background, still able to access anything and everything on your phone. The only thing to get rid of the spying is to a complete factory reset your phone, which as many people know, is a complete pain in the ass.

H/T [Snoopwall]