FAKED: Liberal Media Fakes “Small Crowd” Pic… Actual Photos Expose Shocking TRUE Size Of Trump’s Inauguration

When it comes to pushing fake news, the liberal media is absolutely shameless. So it’s as no surprise they wasted no time pushing another fake story over the weekend during Trump’s inauguration, with the utter nonsense that he had the “smallest crowd in history” as he was sworn in as our 45h president. But unfortunately for these crooked morons, we caught them with their pants down again after pushing another massive lie about our new president.

As the squabbling over the crowd size continues, the lie all began after liberal media outlets began pushing the following comparison photo as “proof” of Trump’s “unpopularity.”

There’s just one massive problem with the left’s photos, as revealed by Conservative Tribune:

According to the Independent Journal Review, such factors include the fact that some areas of the mall were blocked off this year for security reasons with fencing, gates and tarps that weren’t present in 2009, nor do the pictures note the massive turnout of protesters who successfully blocked a number of innocent would-be attendees from even making it onto the mall to take part in the event.

Brit Hume from FOX News was in attendance, and pointed out more problems with the left’s rhetoric, saying that the inauguration picture that was widely circulated was taken early in the day before Trump had even given his inaugural address. 

Here’s the actual massive crowd size that liberals are frantic to keep under wraps.

What CNN is also using as part of their deception tactics is that they published an interactive Giapixel tool that provided a sharply defined panoramic view of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration, which does not show the massive crowd that had extended all the way back to the Washington Monument.

It’s pretty hilarious that liberals are so butthurt about Trump becoming our new president they will continue to distort the truth and talk endless amounts of crap to try to discredit him. CNN is truly a freaking joke and anyone who gets their news from that hack news agency truly needs their heads examined.

H/T [Conservative Tribune]