FBI Agent Drops MAJOR BOMBSHELL About Robert Mueller’s Relationship With James Comey

Many things in the political world cause us t scratch our heads in utter shock and disbelief but when a man that worked under both Comey and Mueller at one time or another in his career states that the appointing of one to investigate the other is “troubling” we should all probably take more notice.

Troubling is not necessarily the word I would use to describe it but the blatant use of personal acquaintances is not something new to the left side of politics. The Clintons are personally connected to everyone that has ever been involved with any investigation into their illegal dealings so why not let Comey’s friend investigate him right?

That is exactly what is happening and we all know how it will turn out! We all know that both Comey and Mueller are really good friends of Obama!

Here is more from Patriot Beacon:

Former FBI agent James Gagliano recently went on CNN to say that he finds something “troubling” about the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russia’s election meddling.

Cons Journal reported that Gagliano worked with both Mueller and Comey when he was at the FBI, and he says he “respects” each of them. “The only thing that has troubled me from the start … why would you appoint a special prosecutor that has a personal relationship with one of the central figures in the investigation?” Gagliano began.

“My criticism is the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, has a personal relationship with former Director Comey,” he added. “Why would you appoint a special prosecutor to conduct an investigation where a central witness and figure has a personal relationship?” After hearing this, CNN legal analyst Paul Callan also agreed that Mueller was an “odd choice.” “I think to put [Mueller] in charge of the investigation now of Comey — that, maybe, could be problematic,” he explained.

Governmental shady dealings are nothing new to us but it is still refreshing when one of their own comes out on national television to let us know that even he has an issue with the way things are being done. No one ever claimed that draining the swamp would be easy but it is almost impossible when all of the swamp rats happen to all be closely connected.

I say flush the entire government minus Trump’s administration and start fresh across the board! At some point, we have to face the reality that the Democrats and the RINOs have no good intentions for this country and it doesn’t matter if the President is Trump or another Republican. The goal of the left is quite obvious and it is the deletion of any accountability for their illegal abuse of our country and personal agendas.

What are your opinions on the Mueller/Comey situation and how their close friendship affects any investigation that is currently underway? Do you agree that it is ‘troubling’ at the least and corrupt at the most? Drop your comments here and keep the discussion going!

H/T [ Patriot Beacon ]