Fed Up Michigan Residents About To Riot After Muslims Force Sharia On Christian Populace

Michigan is fast becoming the first “Muslim State” of America, and many seem to be completely oblivious to it. This isn’t a new discovery either, and over the last 5 years this has become a huge problem for any non-Muslim living there. The issue used to be contained to the Dearborn area in a few neighborhoods only. Now, Dearborn is completely run by a Muslim Government as well as a few smaller towns on the outskirts.

As the refugee population grew in Michigan, so did the mass influx of really bad problems. Sharia is being pushed as a dominant law and even now a Muslim is running for Governor. Michigan is turning into a third-world country, and its is terrifying!

The concept in Michigan is to simply “go sharia,” and too many born-locals are complying with the perception of acceptance of all things inherently sharia.

The US Herald reported that when Christians tried to peacefully stand and express their disagreement they were attacked with rocks being launched violently at them by the Dearborn Muslims, which hit a record 40% of the entire Dearborn population. With Dearborn being the 8th largest city in Michigan that is a huge number.

Over the last year or so the fraud and violence of the Muslim populace has grown a concerning amount and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

Freedom Daily reported :

Muslims continually prove that they have little intentions into assimilating into western civilization or adhering to our nation’s laws after arriving to America from their third world countries. Our generosity to these savages is frequently repaid by insolence, as many Muslims are constantly busted at the center of welfare fraud rings, as they seek to scam the very country who has given them so much. In yet another case of blatant disregard for  our nation’s laws, a group of Muslim doctors in Detroit have just been busted as the masterminds behind a $1.3 billion dollar fraudulent scheme, leading to the arrests of 412 people overnight, in the “largest scam” that the United States Department of Justice has ever seen.

The scam involves a scheme where Muslim doctors will write massive quantities of prescriptions for opioids. These drugs never land in the hands of patients however, as the Muslims will them make fraudulent claims to Medicaid and pocket the money. Additionally, the drugs often wind of on the streets as part of a huge back-alley drug operation. The U.S. Justice Department is calling this prescription drug and health care fraud scheme the largest operation of its kind in American history, naming several Michigan Muslim doctors responsible for orchestrating this huge criminal enterprise to rip off Medicare.


A huge welfare scam was also perpetrated by many Muslims and investigated by the Feds in Michigan this year.  Freedom Daily reported that a Muslim food stamp crime ring was broken up in Grand Rapids, MI. Three brothers Emad Khalil Karaein, Jawad Khalil-Ahmad Karaein, and Khader Khalil Karaein have plead guilty to welfare fraud. The brothers ran the Middle Eastern Market where they not only sold food, but also ran their crime ring.

They plead guilty to fraud as a way to protect two other brothers who were also suspected of being involved with the scam that cost taxpayers $736,000 from EBT and $544,000 from WIC over the course of nine years. Food stamps only allow recipients to purchase certain items with the cards. The brothers offered food stamp holders a lesser amount of cash than the food stamps were worth. They would in turn use the food stamps to buy the allowed items.

They in effect stole over $1.2 million by doing this. Michigan has made it easy for people to gain access to their welfare programs, especially Muslims. They were the first state to offer their welfare forms in Arabic. Another kicker to the Michigan welfare system is that they allow Muslim men to claim up to four wives when filing for welfare. All they have to do is list them as extended family on the form.

The most terrifying case of Muslim perpetrated violence however comes in the form of genital mutilation. Michigan has become the seeming headquarters for this horrid act.

According to Freedom Daily’s article on genital mutilation an unprecedented move was made by lawmakers. Michigan passed a law that will instantly make most Muslims felons overnight, sending a clear message that Sharia Law will no longer be tolerated in their state. Michigan has been on everyone’s Sharia radar lately after the huge scandal emerged recently about the two Michigan doctors who were caught forcing female children to undergo genital mutilation. 

Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, 53, and his wife, Farida Attar, 50, were arrested at their medical office in Livonia, Michigan, where they were charged with three federal criminal counts, including conspiracy, female genital mutilation along with aiding and abetting. But unfortunately for the Muslim couple and the entire Muslim population of Michigan, things have gone from bad to worse after what lawmakers just passed overnight. After realizing that only jailing two Muslims for their crimes would do little to stop the rampant cases of little girls being mutilated in order to comply with Sharia Law, (as it’s common that Muslims will just perform this procedure on their own children), Michigan has passed a law that will send any Muslim to prison for 15 years who is found guilty of taking part in the procedure, to include parents.

The citizens of Michigan need to stand up in a big way to the Judicial Jihad taking place in their backyards before it is way too late to stop. Unfortunately, too many people are either ignorantly compliant because they feel that “acceptance and tolerance” is best, or they are too scared to cause a problem.

The time for that nonsense is over! Take Michigan back!

H/T [ Us Herald , Freedom Daily , Dennis Michael Lynch ]